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Collegiate 4-H Club Development
Many colleges and universities have Collegiate 4-H clubs. Collegiate 4-H is an organization that provides its members with a sense of identity on campus, enriches their lives through group projects and recreation, and develops confidence and leadership skills. Clubs provide service and support to their local and state 4-H programs, such as serving as judges and conducting training workshops. They are also a service and social group for campus students. 

Collegiate 4-H is open to all college students who wish to support youth and the 4-H program. It is not necessary to have prior 4-H experience, only to have an interest in the 4-H ideals and in serving your community.

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University of Tennessee Collegiate 4-H featured on local television station! View the video.

Looking for Promotional Resources for your club or region? The National Collegiate 4-H Advocacy Team’s prepared some for you!

The National Collegiate 4-H Organization’s Strategic Plan available!

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Upcoming Events

February 19-24, 2009
National Collegiate 4-H Conference

March 28-April 2, 2009
Collegiate Facilitators at National 4-H Conference

April 1, 2009
March NAB Meeting– Contact your NAB Representative for more information!

April NAB Meeting– Contact your NAB Representative for more information!

Fall 2009
Regional Conferences,
Locations- North Central- Rapid City, South Dakota; Northeast- Delaware; Southern- Mississippi; Western- Oregon