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Saturday, September 30, 2006

National Newsletter: September Issue

In this issue:
National News
Notes from the Chair
Leadership Grant offered to Collegiate 4-H clubs
New Clubs Forming this Fall!
4-H Brand Network Intranet Site To Premiere October 1
Western National Roundup

Committee Reports

Advocacy Team Report
National 4-H Week Media Kits Available
National Collegiate 4-H Service Day
Ideas in Motion Needs Community Service Ideas
New Materials Available
Applications for Advocacy Team
Work order Form

Web Team Report
Website Updates
Collegiate 4-H Message Board Gets Action
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Strategic Planning Committee
Strategic Plan Report

National Service Projects of Emphasis Report
Updates on the National Service Projects

Ag Consortium Report
Maximizing Partnerships with other Collegiate Organizations: Update from The Consortium

National Collegiate 4-H Conference Update
Update from the Conference Planning Committee

Regional News

North Central Region
Spirit of the Dakotas
North Central Region New Website Launch
North Central Business Meeting

Northeast Region
Northeast Region Visits Big Apple
Northeast Regional Business Meeting

Southern Region
Southern Regional Collegiate 4-H Conference
NAB Retreat
Southern Region Officers Update

Western Region
2006 Western Region Collegiate 4-H Conference
NAB Retreat
2008 National Collegiate 4-H Conference
Western Region Business Meeting
New/Revived Clubs

National News

Note from the Chair: National Action Board News

By: Antoine Jefferson, NAB Chair, Louisiana State University
This summer, the National Action Board of the National Collegiate 4-H Organization (NAB) has been busy putting together an important document now known as the Strategic Plan. Throughout the summer, NAB and the elected Strategic Planning Committee went through various meetings and even a weekend long retreat in Washington D.C. to create the strategic plan. The strategic plan is a set of idealistic goals that NAB has put into words and a route of how they plan to accomplish these goals. Once the plan was finalized, each member of NAB paired, and took on a specific initiative (but not limiting themselves to only one) to work on. There are 5 initiatives, which are:
  1. Diversity
  2. Organizational Affairs
  3. Communication and Member Education
  4. Partnerships
  5. Community Service
You may see a full version of the strategic plan at your regional conference, where your NAB representative will have a copy.

Leadership Grant offered to Collegiate 4-H clubs:

Since 2002, the National Collegiate 4-H Organization has offered the NAB Leadership grant. The grant offers up to $400 for a Collegiate 4-H Club to conduct a leadership event that benefits Collegiate 4-H. Only one will be granted per region.
Find out more at:

New Clubs Forming this Fall!

This fall several campuses are interested in starting new Collegiate 4-H Clubs, but need to find some more members to start. If you know of any 4-H alumni or potentially interested persons at the following schools, please send us a message at collegiate4h @ to let us know so we can help out our soon-to-be clubs! If you know someone interested in starting a new club, let us know so that we can help them in the process!
Boise State University (ID), CSU Pueblo (CO), Drake University (IA), Indiana University, Kennesaw State University (GA), Montana State University- Billings, Nova Southeastern University (FL), Rose-Hulman University (IN), and University of Maine.

4-H Brand Network Intranet Site To Premiere October 1

By: Allyson McMahan, Marketing Communications Coordinator National 4-H Council
Are you looking for ways to promote 4-H and Collegiate 4-H events? Have you ever wondered how other 4-H clubs around the country market their programs? Would you like to share unique ways you’ve promoted 4-H in your community? Then the new 4-H Brand Network intranet site is for you! Use this resource to help promote 4-H in your area.
The 4-H Brand Network intranet site premieres October 1. It is an interactive resource and forum that will make promoting 4-H easier than ever before! Anyone involved in 4-H can join the 4-H Brand Network and use the site to learn, share and apply ideas, tools and resources to promote the 4-H brand.
The 4-H Brand Network is the of its kind comprised of 4-H brand advocates who work to strengthen the 4-H image. 4-H members, volunteers, staff and alumni interested in increasing awareness of 4-H are invited to join.
If you are interested in receiving more information about the 4-H Brand Network, visit to sign up.

Western National Roundup

By: Melissa Oliver, Colorado State University, Roundup Coordinator
Looking for an amazing opportunity to start off a new year? Here is your chance. Join us and be a Collegiate 4-H volunteer at the 2007 Western National Roundup held in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Western National Roundup is a combination of a youth leadership conference and national contests. You will experience the Denver nightlife, along with meeting 4-H’ers from across the country and undoubtedly having a great time. Here are a few comments from past collegiates:

As a collegiate, the Roundup experience is remarkable! I was able to make great, lasting friendships with fellow collegiates from other states as well as mine. I was also able to network with a variety of other administrators and professionals from all over which helped me to gain a better perspective on the agricultural industry. I also enjoyed meeting and watching the students compete and I am really proud of the youth that are carrying on the traditions! The memories are unforgettable and I look forward to each opportunity I have to help with this awesome gathering! — Chaley Paulson, Montana State University

Roundup is a wonderful experience that allows you opportunities to work with other college students and with youth from all around the country. It is a lot of work, but it is worth every minute of your time. I attended Roundup as a delegate in my 4-H days and loved the experience. I have gone to Roundup as a collegiate member twice and hope that I have another opportunity. ~ Amber Mathisen, University of Wyoming

It brought back memories to my childhood in 4-H. It was an honor to help kids reach their goals and seeing the excitement on their face. We, as the collegiates, had such a blast! It was a once in a lifetime memory for me! ~ Nikki Thompson, Dickinson State University – North Dakota

Sparking any interest? I hope so because it is my challenge to you to fill out the application to join us for the 2007 Western National Roundup. But hurry, applications are due November 1 and we are accepting only 20 collegiates. You will find the application and more collegiate comments on the Western National Roundup website: . The website will have everything you need to know about what is happening at Roundup. Good luck and I hope to see you in January!

Advocacy Team Reports
Advocacy Team Keeps Busy…Come Join Us!

By: April Mendenhall, Colorado State University, Advocacy Team Liaison

National 4-H Week Media Kits Available

October 1st -7th is National 4-H Week and the National Collegiate 4-H Organization would like to encourage all clubs to participate by using the 4-H Goes to College media kit provided by the Advocacy Team.

Included in the media kit are:
  • public service announcement templates
  • flyer templates
  • FAQ sheet
  • power point presentation
  • booth design materials
  • activity ideas.
Clubs that use this kit are encouraged to share their activities and ideas for next year’s media kit by completing our online survey.
Media kit materials are available at the National 4-H Week Resources for Collegiate 4-H Clubs webpage.

National Collegiate 4-H Service Day

The Advocacy team would also like to encourage all clubs to participate in National Collegiate 4-H Service Day by conducting a service project on the Saturday of National 4-H Week (October 7th). For more information see the media kit online.

Ideas in Motion Needs Community Service Ideas

The Ideas in Motion database is a collection of service projects that Collegiate 4-H clubs have participated in across the country. This database is provided to give clubs new and exciting community service ideas to try in their own areas. Community service projects submitted to this database will be included in the Ideas in Motion booklet to be printed at the National Conference in 2007. Please submit your ideas to the database, and help the Advocacy Team spread the word about service in Collegiate 4-H.

New Materials Available

The Advocacy Team has been busy creating several new materials that can be used at the local club level. New materials include items such as brochures and power points. Many of these materials are set to be edited or customized by your individual clubs. Check out the Collegiate 4-H Promotional Resources page to find these materials and much more.

Applications for Advocacy Team

The Advocacy team is now accepting applications for those interested in participating in the committee. Those interested in joining the team should fill out an application available on the Advocacy Team webpage.
All applicants should be advised that these applications are for the 2006 team year and will have to be renewed at the February 2007 National Conference. Applications will be accepted until the 2007 National Conference for all those interested in applying.
The Advocacy team is responsible for providing materials at the national level for clubs to use and promoting Collegiate 4-H in various endeavors and events as well as publish the national newsletter at the National Collegiate 4-H Conference. New team members are encouraged to bring new ideas to the team!

Work Order Form

The Advocacy team has provided an online form for all requests made to the team. If you have a project that you would like help with or something you would like the team to work on please fill out the work order form.

Web Team Reports

By: Jessica Falkenthal, Indiana University, Web Team Liaison

Website Updates

Since May, the Collegiate 4-H Web Team has been busy getting running and updated. Make sure to check the Collegiate 4-H News page for new updates and of course… NEWS! A photo gallery, online club directory, and more club resources are scheduled for release this fall!

Collegiate 4-H Message Board Gets Action

Check out the message boards for service and social ideas for your club, conference updates, and opportunities to give feedback and voice your concerns and ideas. Plus find grant, internship, scholarship, and 4-H opportunities! College Life 101 has been created to share advice about how to “survive on a college campus” with 4-H members as they transition to college along with fellow Collegiate 4-H members. Ask questions of your own, answer others, and help to build this as a resource for all of us to share!

Want Collegiate 4-H News delivered directly to your desktop?:

If you have a web portal (My Yahoo, My Google, or your campus’s web portal) that can display RSS Feeds, you can subscribe to the Collegiate 4-H Feed by clicking on your feed type on the right side of this page or adding to your Feeds list.

4-H Alumni and Collegiate 4-H on Facebook!

If you haven’t heard yet, there is a global group on Facebook for Collegiate 4-H at
and a 4-H alumni group at
Make sure to join and invite all of your friends! THEN, check the 4-H alumni membership list to find 4-H alumni at your school to tell about Collegiate 4-H! The 4-H Alumni Facebook group has already helped to form two Collegiate 4-H clubs this fall because of the networking opportunities it provides.

Support National 4-H Week and Collegiate 4-H through your Facebook Account!

Add the graphic as your main photo on Facebook during National 4-H Week and show you care! Imagine the buzz we’ll create for National 4-H Week and Collegiate 4-H as hundreds of Collegiate 4-H members align themselves with the cause resulting in thousands of people visiting and learning about starting their own Collegiate 4-H club! It all starts with you!

Strategic Planning Committee Report

By: Val Krumm, Iowa State University, Strategic Planning Committee Liaison

An Update Concerning the Strategic Plan

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) has been busy finalizing a strategic proposal for the National Collegiate 4-H organization along with the National Action Board (NAB).

The two groups have decided to put emphasis of the strategic plan on: organizational affairs, diversity, communication & member education, partnerships, and community service.

There has also been work done on creating a mission and vision statement for Collegiate 4-H. The mission statement is: The National Collegiate 4-H Organization is dedicated to providing service to youth, communities, and the 4-H Youth Development Program. Further, the National Collegiate 4-H Organization is committed to providing a pathway to connect youth participation to adult volunteerism and facilitating an open line of communication at all levels.

The vision statement includes being: interactively involved at the club, regional, and national levels, committed to being a partner in the community and a resource in the 4-H community, a diverse organization in respect to academic endeavors and cultural/ethnic backgrounds, dedicated to serving the community through service and the National Service Project of Emphasis, and being a unique, devoted group of volunteers from around the country giving back to the 4-H Youth Development Program.

SPC and NAB’s goal is to promote the strategic plan at regional conferences and begin work on it immediately.

National Service Projects of Emphasis Report

Updates on the National Service Projects

More information will be available later this month about the two projects: Collegiate 4-H Clubs working with Operation Military Kids, which is chaired by Iowa State University and the online “Resource Library for the 4-H Community” is being chaired by a Member-at-Large from Indiana University.
Look for updates at the National Service Project website

Ag Consortium Report

Maximizing Partnerships with other Collegiate Organizations: Update from The Consortium

By: Patrick Voorhies, Louisiana State University
This past August, the Consortium of Collegiate Agricultural Organizations held what was its first annual meeting at the John Deere Headquarters in Moline, Illinois. The meeting’s purpose was to approve by-laws and structure for the organization, as well as discussing ways that the Collegiate LifeKnowledge (CLK) curriculum could be further improved and put online. The CLK curriculum will be made available after a training session which will be held for all clubs at the 2007 National Collegiate 4-H Conference in Baton Rouge. The Consortium exists to be the recognized consortium optimizing effectiveness of collegiate agricultural organizations and industry partners to enhance personal, organizational, career and community education of future leaders of the respective organizations.
The Consortium puts Collegiate 4-H at the table with over 16 other agriculture-related organizations, including Block & Bridle, Collegiate FFA, PAS, AFA, AGR, Alpha Zeta, and Sigma Alpha, just to name a few. A listing of all organizations and more information on the Consortium may be found at: For more information, you may contact Collegiate 4-H’s liaison to The Consortium, Patrick Voorhies of Louisiana State University and Tommy Inglis, University of Neva-Reno (Liaison-Elect), by using the Collegiate 4-H Contact form.

National Collegiate 4-H Conference Update
Laissez les bon temps rouler

An Update from the National Conference Planning Committee

By: Jasmine Honore, Louisiana State University, Conference Committee Liaison

“Hey ya’ll” from the bayou!! Here’s a little lagniappe about the upcoming 2007 Collegiate 4-H National Conference, February 15-18, in Baton Rouge, LA. The 2007 National Collegiate 4-H Conference, “Rally in the Redstick” is in full drive! The conference planning committee is working around the clock to get things ready for you. The tours have been scheduled (can anybody say alligator?) and the food is going to be great (what do you expect? it’s the south). The community service project will be held in New Orleans as will State’s Night Out, so you’ll have plenty of dining and entertainment options, maybe even watch a Mardi Gras parade if you’re interested! Just a reminder we do need help with workshops. Please consider presenting one or passing the word to others in your club, your advisors, or state 4-H office who might be interested in presenting. All workshop proposals need to be in by October 11th, 2006. Workshop proposal forms can be found at For more information geaux to our website at, which will be up and running in the next few weeks, or please contact Patrick Voorhies, Jennifer Mader, and Jasmine Honore by selecting 2007 National Collegiate 4-H Conference on the Collegiate 4-H Contact page. So, Laissez les bon temps rouler (let the good times roll) in Baton Rouge, hope to see everyone there!

Regional News

North Central Region

Spirit of the Dakotas

By: Amy Frerichs, South Dakota State University
Spirit of the Dakotas—Ropin’, Ridin’, Rasslin’ will kick off Friday, October, 20th in Rapid City, South Dakota. The North Central Regional Collegiate 4-H Conference is hosted by South Dakota State University and Dickenson State University and features many traveling opportunities to learn about important historic events and leaders in our country.
Tours include Mt. Rushmore, Rushmore Cave, Crazy Horse, Journey Museum, Big Thunder Gold Mine and much, much more. On the tours, participants will have the opportunity to pan for gold, participate in leadership activities, and learn about different cultures and geological findings, and participate in community service activities as well. Other fun activities that are planed include square dancing lessons and dancing the night away in downtown Rapid City.
Lodging is at the renovated 1920’s Alex Johnson Historic Hotel, which is located in downtown Rapid City.
South Dakota State University and Dickenson State University invite you to join us for lots of fun on October 20-22 in Rapid City, South Dakota. For more information about the conference and registration forms, check out our website at
“Great Faces, Great Places, South Dakota”!

North Central Region New Website Launch!

Please check out the North Central Region Website at It contains the latest information and happenings of the region.

North Central Business Meeting

The North Central Business Meeting will be held on October 21, 2006 at the North Central Regional Conference in Rapid City , South Dakota . During the meeting officer elections will be held, if you are interested in getting involved at another level within the Collegiate 4-H program please contact Kristin Barnhart (use the Collegiate 4-H Contact form) with any questions. Available offices are President, Business Manager, Secretary and Electronic Communications Officer. Also, regional dues will be collected, $50 per club or $5 per member. Don’t forget your Club of the Year and Scrapbook of the Year Award Applications.

Northeast Region

By: Amy Schwertner, Texas Tech University, NAB Secretary

Northeast Region Visits Big Apple

The Northeast region held its regional conference, September 14-17, at the Lindley G. Cook 4-H Camp in Stokes State Forest, N.J. Five members of the Collegiate 4-H club at Rutgers University and two representatives from Cornell University attended the conference. After a night of introductions, the group got up early Friday morning and drove into New York City. The day included being in the Today Show audience, viewing the metropolitan museum of art, some sight seeing and ended with a cruise around the Island. On Saturday, the meeting included community service at New Jersey’s State 4-H camp and the Northeast regional business meeting. At the business meeting we discussed networking in the region, what is going on with the National Collegiate 4-H Organization and National Conference 2007.

Northeast Region Business Meeting

Since only two schools were in attendance, another business meeting will be held via conference call in order to discuss the new strategic plan and appoint members onto the Advocacy Team and the Strategic Planning Committee. Members of the Northeast region should know we are looking for representatives to serve on Advocacy, Strategic Planning, and Web teams. If you are interested please contact Vanessa Cerny (use the Collegiate 4-H Contact form) the Regional President.

Southern Region
Southern Region Works Toward Diversity!

By: Antione Jefferson, President, Louisiana State University
Heather Powell, Vice President, Auburn University
Creena Shealy, Conference Coordinator, University of Arkansas

Southern Regional Collegiate 4-H Conference

Hello Collegiate 4-H. This year’s Southern Regional Collegiate 4-H Conference will be hosted by the University of Arkansas at the Arkansas State 4-H Camp in Ferndale, AR on Nov. 16-19, 2006. This will be a fun-filled four days. Our activities include a High Ropes Course, Team Building, and Meeting activities. We will be touring various locations in Little Rock. Registration forms are available at Please contact Creena Sheely, Hannah Dicus, and Antoine Jefferson for more information (use the Collegiate 4-H Contact form and select Southern Region).
Come join us in Ferndale in November.

NAB Retreat

The Southern Region had three members attend the NAB Retreat in July. Members of the Southern Region helped develop the Diversity, Communication, Member Education and Partnership portions of the Strategic Plan. Those involved will be working with the Strategic Planning Committee members on their specific areas for implementation.

Southern Region Officers Update

The Southern Region officers are working a great deal on developing diversity. We are working to get more involvement in Collegiate 4-H from 1890 colleges (traditionally black land grant institutions).
Southern Region officers will hold a business meeting during the Regional Conference to get members input for more suggestions on getting new institutions in the region involved in Collegiate 4-H.

We would also like to recognize the members of the Southern Region that have stepped up to take leadership positions at the Regional and National levels.

Hannah Dicus–Southern Region Business Manager and Regional Conference Coordinator, University of Arkansas
Sarah Edens–Southern Region Vice President, Oklahoma State University
Samantha Ephgrave–Advocacy Team member, OSU
Jasmine Honore–National Conference Planning Coordinator/NAB member, Louisiana State University
Antoine Jefferson–NAB chair and regional president, LSU
Cody Johnson–Strategic Planning Committee member, Alabama Collegiate 4-H
Justin McConaghy–Web Team member, OSU
Heather Powell–Southern Region Secretary as well as Advocacy Team member, Auburn University
Amy Schwertner–NAB Secretary, Texas Tech University
Patrick Voorhies–2nd year NAB representative as well as Ag Consortium Liaison, LSU

We would also like to congratulate Evelyn Rachell who is now the National Collegiate 4-H Organization’s Advisor.

Western Region

By: Vanessa Renwick, Western Region Collegiate 4-H President, UC Davis

2006 Western Region Collegiate 4-H Conference

The 2006 Western Region Collegiate 4-H Conference is scheduled for Nov. 2-5, 2006 to be hosted in Davis, CA. The Collegiate 4-H Club at UC Davis is working hard to put together a conference for all to enjoy. Activities to look forward to include a trip to San Francisco, Murder Mystery Dinner on the Delta King riverboat in Sacramento, workshops, and an Operation Military Kids service project. Registration Forms are due October 20, 2006. If you have any questions please contact Vanessa Renwick (use the Collegiate 4-H Contact form) or visit . We hope to see you all there!

NAB Retreat

The Western Region NAB representatives attended the NAB Retreat at the National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD. We specifically worked on the areas of Organizational Affairs and Communication and Member Education. If you have any suggestions or questions about these specific areas of the Strategic Plan please feel free to contact Vanessa Renwick (use the Collegiate 4-H Contact form).

2008 National Collegiate 4-H Conference

After a call for bids to host the 2008 National Collegiate 4-H Conference, only one bid was submitted. Our 2008 National Collegiate 4-H Conference hosts will be Colorado State, University of Wyoming, and University of Nevada, Reno. Plan to Rendezvous in the Rockies February 20-24, 2008!

Western Region Business Meeting

The Western Region Business Meeting is scheduled for the morning of Nov. 5, 2006. This will be held in Davis, CA at the Regional Conference. At the business meeting we will be voting for the new Regional Officers – President, Business Manager, and Secretary. We will also be accepting and constitutional amendments. If you have anything to submit, the deadline is Saturday, November 4, 2006 at 9:00am.

New/Revived Clubs

I would like to welcome Utah and Montana into the swing of things in the Western Region. We hope you have plans to get involved at the regional and national levels! If there are any other new clubs, please let me know.

This newsletter was compiled by the National Collegiate 4-H Advocacy Team.
For previous issues, view our June Issue.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The National Collegiate 4-H Organization’s National Action Board Chair Featured in 4-H Wow Stories

Read more about Antoine Jefferson’s pursuit of college thanks to 4-H. Jefferson was featured as the September 4-H Wow Story by National 4-H Council. The article was distributed to news sources nationwide along with featuring Jefferson on the homepage of National 4-H Council’s website.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Celebrate National 4-H Week: October 1-7th

National 4-H Week is October 1-7, 2006. It’s a time to celebrate and promote 4-H and Collegiate 4-H. The National Collegiate 4-H Organization encourages all clubs to participate by using the resources provided in 4-H Goes to College media kits!

Available online at:

October 7th, 2006 is the very first National Collegiate 4-H Service Day. Imagine a day in which Collegiate 4-H clubs across the nation are participating at the same time in service!

We hope clubs will work on putting together a project involving Operation Military Kids, one of the National Service Project of Emphasis for this year!


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Announcing the September NAB meeting

The following is the agenda for the September National Action Board meeting. If you would like more information about an agenda item, please use the Contact page to contact your regional representative. If you would like to add an item to their agenda, please contact the NAB Chair, before September 11, 10PM by using the contact page to contact the Southern Regional Representative!

September 12th, 2006 @ 10 P.M. Eastern
National Action Board of Collegiate 4-H
Teleconfernce 7

*Reading and Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)

*Business Manager’s Report (Business manager)

*Old Business (10 minutes)

*Strategic Planning Committee (5-7 minutes)
– Review of the comments made by SPC

*Consortium Report (5 minutes)

*National Conference Update (5 minutes)

*Advocacy Team Update (5 minutes)

*Web Team Update (5 minutes)

*Regional Updates (3 minutes each region)
– Western Region
– Southern Region
– North Central Region
– North Eastern Region

*Other Concerns and future agenda items


Monday, September 04, 2006

Coming Soon!

The Collegiate 4-H Advocacy Team is putting together a National 4-H Week Media Kit for Collegiate 4-H clubs filled with event ideas and promotional materials!
Look for it later this week!