National Collegiate 4-H

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amendment to Article III Passed at 2006 National Business Meeting

This amendment replaces the existing Article III of the constitution.

Article III -� Administration (National Action Board)

    1. The administration of the National Collegiate 4-H Organization shall be vested in a nine (9)-member board, as well as non-voting members including secretary, business manager, advisors, and committee liaisons, known as the National Action Board, hereafter to be referred to as the NAB.
    1. The voting NAB members shall be made up of the elected regional representative from each of the four regions, the National Conference Coordinator, and second year NAB members.
    1. Second year NAB shall be comprised of the four regional representatives from the previous year.
    1. NAB members must be college students enrolled during the office span with the exception of NAB advisors and second year NAB members.
    1. Second year NAB members no longer enrolled in school may retain their position if they remain active in collegiate 4-H activities at the local and regional levels.
    1. Should any regional president/representative member withdraw or transfer to a college or university outside of their elected region, resign, or otherwise become ineligible or unable to perform the duties of their office, the affected region shall appoint a replacement.
    1. The regions of the National Collegiate 4-H Organization shall be the same as the USDA/Extension System regions.
    1. Each region shall elect their regional representative to the NAB. The region hosting the next National Collegiate 4-H Conference will also elect a National Conference Coordinator.
    1. Voting members, excluding the National Conference Coordinator, will serve two, one year terms. The first term members will serve as regional representatives. The second term members will serve as second year NAB members. A term is defined as the fiscal year beginning and ending at National Collegiate 4-H Conference.
    1. The National Advisors will be an official of the Extension System/United States Department of Agriculture, one representative from the National 4-H Council, and a faculty advisor from the region hosting the next National Collegiate 4-H Conference.

K. Duties of NAB

      1. Serve as a liaison between regions. Communicate information and ideas between regions.
      2. Responsible for the administrative duties at National Collegiate 4-H Conference
      3. Promote club and membership development within the four regions
      4. Maintain and distribute monies held in the National Collegiate 4-H account

    L. Duties of Second year NAB

    1. Ensure communication of information of national concern
    2. Development and implementation of National Service Project of Emphasis
    3. Promote Collegiate 4-H nationally through representation of Collegiate 4-H at National 4-H Congress, National 4-H Conference, and other activities deemed appropriate
    4. Development of implementation of strategic planning
    5. Responsible for developing partnerships for organizational evaluation

    M. Duties of NAB Chair

    1. Develop preliminary agenda and meeting announcements two weeks prior to NAB meetings.
    2. Coordinate non-NAB member agenda requests.
    3. Secure meeting arrangements.

    N. Duties of NAB Business Manager

    1. Conduct all monetary transactions.
    2. Maintain a permanent journal of all transactions and a ledger of all accounts.
    3. Prepare a report for the newsletter.
    4. Prepare a financial statement at the close of each club year.
    5. Prepare a proposed budget for the following year.
    6. Facilitate committee relations and reports.

O. Duties of NAB Secretary

    1. Maintain records of the NAB Executive Board meeting.
    2. Keep records of the business meetings of the National Organization
    3. Edit and supervise the publication of the national newsletter.
    4. Conduct necessary and appropriate correspondence on behalf of the organization.

P. Duties of the advisor(s)

    1. Maintain an active and involved role in the organization
    2. Regularly attend NAB meetings
    3. Be an advocate to Collegiate 4-H to the organization they represent
    4. Provide guidance and outside perspectives to NAB
    5. Attend and participate in the National Collegiate 4-H Conference

Effective on February 25, 2006