National Collegiate 4-H

Collegiate 4-H Conferences

National Collegiate 4-H Conference

The National Collegiate 4-H Conference is coordinated by a host club which selected a year and a half prior to the event. Hosts for the National Conference rotates among each of the four regions. Collegiate 4-H members from across the country gather to participate, learn, and grow as individuals. Club and community involvement are also emphasized at these conferences. Conference highlights include educational workshops, business meetings, regional caucuses, and tours of the area. The National Conference has a four-fold purpose:

  • To exchange ideas for service projects, administration, and other activities.
  • To provide developmental workshops and programs to help members and clubs.
  • To create fellowship among members from across the nation.
  • To enact legislation for the development and expansion of the organization.


Regional Conferences for 2009

Each of the four regions holds a Regional Conference once a year. These meetings provide a forum during which clubs exchange their best ideas and seek solutions to common problems. Conference schedules normally include discussion of items of both national and local interest. Regional Conferences provide a great way to promote Collegiate 4-H, improve communications with the region, and generate enthusiasm among members. Informal gatherings held at these meetings provide for a free flow of information, and invaluable aid in solving problems.

  • Northeast 2009– TBD.
    Hosted by University of Delaware Collegiate 4-H
  • North Central 2009– TBA. Rapid City, South Dakota.
    Hosted by South Dakota State University Collegiate 4-H
  • Southern 2009– TBA
    Hosted by Mississippi State University Collegiate 4-H
  • Western 2009– TBA
    Hosted by Oregon State University Collegiate 4-H


  • Northeast 2008- College Park, Maryland-
    Hosted by University of Maryland
  • North Central 2008– November 14-16, 2008, Columbia, Missouri
    Hosted by Mizzou Collegiate 4-H
  • Southern 2008– Bioloxi, MS
    Hosted by Louisiana State University
  • Western 2008– TBA. Colorado State University
    Hosted by Colorado State


  • Northeast 2007– September 27-29, 2007. College Park, Maryland- Registration Due August 31st.
    Hosted by University of Maryland Collegiate 4-H
  • North Central 2007– November 2-4, 2007. West Lafayette, Indiana
    Hosted by Purdue Collegiate 4-H
  • Southern 2007– October 2007. Birmingham, Alabama
    Hosted by Alabama Collegiate 4-H
  • Western 2007– October 19-21, 2007. Lake Tahoe, Nevada
    Hosted by Nevada Collegiate 4-H


  • Northeast 2006– September 14-17, 2006. Stokes State Forest, New Jersey.
    Hosted by Rutgers University Collegiate 4-H
  • North Central 2006– October 20-22, 2006. Rapid City, South Dakota.
    Hosted by South Dakota State University Collegiate 4-H and Dickinson State University Collegiate 4-H
  • Southern 2006– November 16 – 19, 2006. Ferndale, Arkansas.
    Hosted by University of Arkansas Collegiate 4-H
  • Western 2006– November 2-5, 2006. Davis, California.
    Hosted by Collegiate 4-H at UC Davis