National Collegiate 4-H

History of National Collegiate 4-H

Many people throughout the world are familiar with 4-H, the service learning organization for youth ages 8-18 symbolized by the green four-leaf clover with four H’s within it.  The dedication to the betterment of the Head, Heart, Hands, and Health practiced by 4-H’ers the world over doesn’t stop when you reach the age of 19, instead it is only a stepping-stone into a bright future filled with leadership success, community service opportunities, fun times, travel, and college memories that will last a lifetime.

Collegiate 4-H began in 1916 on the Oklahoma State University campus as an "after-dinner club" for students who had enjoyed a rewarding career in 4-H and wanted to get together with friends from across the state and relive their 4-H days.  From these beginnings, the organization officially formed into what is now known as National Collegiate 4-H in 1971.  Our official symbol is the 4-H clover capped by a Mortar Board to indicate our graduation from 4-H into an institution of higher learning.

Like our parent organization, 4-H, Collegiate 4-H instills in its college-aged membership a sense of pride and responsibility in one’s community through service learning opportunities.  Conferences, workshops, and speakers teach us new and innovative ways to be leaders among our peers.  True to our 4-H roots, we work with local, state, and national 4-H youth to help prepare them for the future.

Along with our community service efforts and leadership endeavors, we also have fun-filled social activities, regional conferences, retreats, and national conferences.  Collegiate 4-H allows its members to make valuable contacts for their futures along with lifelong friends from all across the country.

Collegiate 4-H gives college students a morally responsible peer group with a common background and similar interests to support each other while opening its doors to those who have not experienced 4-H as a youth as well.  Our membership spans across all majors, schools, ages and races.

If you are interested in joining Collegiate 4-H, check out our listing of current clubs from across the U.S. by region, or e-mail us for information on a club near you.

More history documents are coming soon!