National Collegiate 4-H

National Collegiate 4-H Awards

Each year, the National Action Board bestows national awards for Club fo the Year, New Club of the Year, and Scrapbook of the Year. The applications for these awards may be viewed at the National Documents page. Club of the Year recognizes a club who has excelled in the past year in service, leadership, club fundraising, and conducting club social events. New Club of the Year recognizes a club formed in the past two years that has pursued goals of increasing service projects, involvement, and membership and requires the same application. Scrapbook of the Year recognizes a club who has created a scrapbook that exemplifies creativity, organization, presentation, and completeness.

Hope Daugherty was the National Advisor from ECOP for the first thirteen years of the national organization. The Hope Daugherty Award is given to the club that brings the most members the farthest distance (number of members times the number of miles traveled equals the total distance.)


Club of the Year

New Club of the Year

Scrapbook of the Year

Hope Daugherty Award

Conference Hosts

2009 State of Georgia South Dakota State University University of Georgia University of Minnesota
2008 Ohio State Universtiy Florida Southern College Oklahoma State University   Colorado State University, University of Wyoming, University of Nevada Reno
2007 Ohio State University Indiana University Oklahoma State University South Dakota State University Louisiana State University

West Virgina University

Kansas State University * The Ohio State University

Kansas State University

  * * West Virginia University

Purdue University

  * * Oregon State University and Colorado State University

Iowa State University

  * * Texas Tech University, West Texas A&M University, and Oklahoma State University
2002 West Virginia University   * Mizzou

Colorado State University and
Oklahoma State University

West Texas A&M * Penn State and Rutgers

Oklahoma State University

Oregon State University * Colorado State University
1999 Georgia Southern University     Georgia Southern University and University of Georgia
1998   Georgia Southern University   Purdue
1997 North Carolina State University     Penn State and Delaware Valley College
1996   Appalachian
State University
  Montana State

Montana State University

    Texas A&M


Past NAB members

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Past Conference Hosts


*The list of past awards remains incomplete. If you know of any national award receipients not mentioned, please contact the Web Team or leave a message on the message boards!