National Collegiate 4-H

The Leadership of the National Collegiate 4-H Organization

Collegiate 4-H is divided into various levels of leadership. Each individual club is responsible for their own leadership. The country is divided into 4 regions: Northeast, North Central, Southern, and Western states. Each region has their own set of officers, regional conference, and possible regional activities and projects. At the national level, the National Action Board is responsible for the communication for our organization between regions and national committees contribute towards providing resources, opportunities and expansion for our organization at all levels.

National Action Board

The National Action Board is the leadership body of the National Collegiate 4-H Organization. It is composed of the presidents of each of the four regions, the national conference coordinator, the NAB Secretary, the NAB Business manager, advisors, committee liaisons, and the immediate past president of each region.
At the 2006 National Collegiate 4-H Conference, NAB expanded from a 7 person team to a 11+ member team to increase continuity within the organization’s national leadership and provide more unique voice.

National Collegiate 4-H Committees

Advocacy Team

The National Collegiate 4-H Advocacy Team serves as advocates for the Collegiate 4-H program at all levels, oversees the creation of template materials and other promotional materials, public relations campaigns, and pursues partnership with other organizations.  The committee creates resources that can be used by clubs, regions, and national leaders to promote Collegiate 4-H.  In addition the Advocacy Team is responsible for a quarterly e-newsletter and also a hard-copy newsletter distributed annually at the National Collegiate 4-H Conference.  The Advocacy team acts as liaisons to various organizations to promote the importance of Collegiate 4-H and establish sponsorships.  Positions available!

Web Team

The National Collegiate 4-H Web Team is responsible for configuration, design, and upkeep of, the official National Collegiate 4-H webpage.  Members work as a team to make decisions about every aspect of maintaining such a valuable resource.  The Web Team manages and collects information for a dynamic, information rich website where members of Collegiate 4-H can collect and exchange information.  Members of this team put many hours of work into developing the Organization’s web presence. Positions available!

Liaisons to the Collegiate Agricultural Consortium

The Collegiate Agricultural Consortium consists of 16 national collegiate organizations related to agriculture including National Collegiate 4-H. The Consortium has created a life skills curriculum to be taught to college students by college students. Position available!

Strategic Planning Committee

The committee is charged with the oversight of the National Collegiate 4-H Strategic Plan, as well as assessment and evaluation of the progress made towards completion of tasks outlined in the plan.  The Strategic Plan, to be developed this Summer 2006, will serve as a roadmap for the completion of short-term and long-term goals consistent with the mission and vision for the national organization.


Regional Officer Teams

North Central (November 2008-November 2009)
  • President: Charlotte Jackson, University of Missouri
  • President-Elect: Aaron Birge, Purdue University
  • Business Manager: Kelli Jo Woodson, University of Missouri
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Electronic Communications: Garrison Fogt, The Ohio State University
  • Conference Coordinator: TBA, South Dakota State University
Northeast (February 2009-February 2010)
Southern (February 2009-February 2010)
  • President- Melanie Skaggs, Oklahoma State University
Western (November 2008-November 2009)
  • , University of Nevada Reno

North Central (November 2007- Nov 2008)
  • President: Jessica Falkenthal, Indiana University
  • Business Manager: Kelli Jo Woodson, University of Missouri
  • Secretary: Sarah Jackson, University of Missouri
  • Electronic Communications: Heather Gottke, The Ohio State University
  • Conference Coordinator: Mike Razim, Jena Thompson, Jessi Cloyd, University of Missouri
  • Second Year NAB Representative: Amy Redman, Dickinson State University
Northeast (Feb 2008- Feb 2009)
  • President: Alyssa Ross, Rutgers University
  • Business Manager: Charlotte Sanford-Crane,
  • Secretary: Ben Brown, University of Maryland
  • Second Year NAB Representative: Lisa D. Richardson, University of Maryland
South (Feb 2008- Feb 2009)
  • President: Casey East, Troy University
  • Vice-President: Allen Nasworthy, University of Georgia
  • Secretary: Melanie Skaggs, Oklahoma State University
  • Business Manager: Kasey Broyles, University of Tennessee- Knoxville
  • Program Coordinator: Jasmine Honore, Louisiana State University
  • Second Year NAB Representative: Sarah Edens, Oklahoma State University
West (Nov 2007- Nov 2008)
  • President and NAB Representative: Autumn Sheridan, Colorado State University
  • Business Manager: Takela Eaton, University of Nevada Reno
  • Secretary: Beth Sanfillipo, Colorado State University
  • Regional Conference Coordinator: Colorado State