National Collegiate 4-H

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Membership and Voting Act of 2006- Passed at 2006 National Business Meeting

By: Ephgrave,
(At Large), Renwick (UC Davis), Sperry (UC Davis), Craig (Auburn)


An Act relating to the membership and voting language of the constitution; providing short title; providing original language; providing amendment; providing enforcement; and providing for an effective date.


Section 1. This act shall be known as the “Membership and Voting Act of 2006.”

Section 2. The original language of Article II Section A of the National Collegiate
4-H Constitution reads as follows:

A. Membership

1. Any Collegiate 4-H Club shall be eligible for membership in the National
Collegiate 4-H Organization.

2. Any member or alumnus of a Collegiate 4-H club, or any past members-at-large shall be eligible for membership. These members shall be known as Collegiate 4-H Alumni.

3. Any person interested in a Collegiate 4-H Organization at his/her school shall be eligible on a membership-at-large basis.

Section 3. AMENDMENT Strike Section II.A.3. to be replaced by the following:

1. Any student, enrolled at an institution of higher learning without an affiliated Collegiate 4-H club and recognized by that state?s state 4-H office, shall be eligible on a membership-at-large basis.

Section 4. ENFORCEMENT Members found in violation of this amendment will be subject to dismissal of votes during the time period the infraction occurs.

Section 5. This act shall become effective immediately upon passage and approval.