National Collegiate 4-H

NAB Wrap-up Report 2005-2006

Provided by Justin Bolte, 05-06 NAB chair

This report is to inform the Collegiate 4-H organization of the specific tasks that NAB has accomplished throughout this year. As a group we developed a Blog to post minutes and important information on for the ease of access of the members of Collegiate 4-H. This can be accessed through http://Collegiate4hnab.blogspot.comOur next task was to create a Web Team that would be responsible for creating a Web site and updating it, a possible listserv and creating a data base where all information pertaining to Collegiate 4-H can be accessed. The members of the first annual Web
Team are Antoine Jefferson (Louisiana State University), Justin McConaghy
(Oklahoma State University), and Cindy Sperry (UC Davis). NAB approved a budget of $185.00 for the creation of this Website and set up costs. Along with the Web Team, we created the Advocacy Team which would be responsible for distributing information to outside individuals to inform them about Collegiate 4-H and what we do. This Advocacy Team was able to create a pamphlet that would be handed out at national conference. NAB was willing to cover this expense with its proposed budget. They also compiled information and constructed the national newsletter that was distributed at the national conference in Columbus, Ohio. Those members selected were Mary Baughman (Ohio State University) and Samantha Ephgrave (Oklahoma State University) as members of the first Collegiate Team. NAB also approved a budget of $299.60 for the creation of pamphlets.

With the support of the conference coordinators, the NAB board decided to create a workshop at the National Conference in Columbus, Ohio. We chose to do our presentation on Voter Orientation in preparation of the national business meeting. This is a way to walk through the parliamentary procedure with the members, the structure of the meetings and present the amendments to the constitution/by-laws while talking through them so all understand their intent. Another event that we took part in was the Collegiate Ag Organization meeting in Gainesville, Florida January 11-13, 2006. Patrick Voorhies was the NAB member that was chosen to represent the Collegiate 4-H organization.

NAB voted to give a leadership grant of $400 to Louisiana State University for a member or group of Oklahoma State University students to put on a weekend long workshop on fundraising, sponsorship, and grant seeking to aid the LSU club in hosting the 2007 National Conference. NAB also approved $198 dollars for the two rooms needed for national conference the day before to room NAB members.

Updating the constitution and creating an electronic form was also accomplished by NAB. At the national conference in Ohio we decided to establish an open meeting policy that we recommend that following NAB members follow. Lastly, the business manager put together a proposed budget for next year’s NAB board to help them get to a great start.

On behalf of NAB, I present this as the year’s wrap-up of activities to be submitted for the reading of all Collegiate 4-H members.

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