National Collegiate 4-H

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

National Service Project of Emphasis for 2006-07

This year 2 projects were chosen as the National Service Project of Emphasis.
They can be viewed at

Resource Library for the 4-H Community

This is an online resource library of program guides, workshops in a box, teambuilding activities, and icebreakers. While many of the resources will be focused on Collegiate 4-Hers, most will apply to anyone in the 4-H community. With 40 active clubs in attendance at conference, and over 120 clubs in existence across the nation, this could lead to approximately 360 resources available online to the 4-H community. Not only will they be viewable by everyone, but they will be sortable and searchable by audience, age range, topics, materials needed, and preparation time.

Operation Military Kids

More information coming soon from Collegiate 4-H at Iowa State!