National Collegiate 4-H

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Resolutions from 2006 National Business Meeting

Resolution: Creation of National Collegiate 4-H Bylaws

Cindy Sperry, Collegiate 4-H at UC Davis, Samantha Ephgrave, Member-at-Large, Patrick Voorhies, LSU Collegiate 4-H, Vanessa Renwick, Collegiate 4-H at UC Davis, Derrick Goebel, LSU Collegiate 4-H

Referred To:
Voting Delegates, National Business Meeting, National Collegiate 4-H

Whereas, the National Collegiate 4-H constitution contains procedural information that should exist in a separate document, be it

RESOLVED, that the voting body supports charging the National Action Board (NAB) with the responsibility of creating bylaws by the 2007 National Collegiate 4-H Conference

THAT this resolution shall be effective immediately after passage and approval.


Resolution: Recognition & Achievement Committee
Submitted by Jessica Falkenthal, Indiana University Member-at-Large

WHEREAS the Collegiate 4-H organization has limited means of recognizing outstanding clubs for their efforts and outstanding programs; and

WHEREAS a committee of the National Collegiate 4-H organization could produce new recognition methods for achievement and recognition of clubs and individual members; be it

RESOLVED, that the National Action Board (NAB) support the creation of a Recognition & Achievement Committee to update existing and create new contest and recognition methods for outstanding clubs and members.


Other resolutions and ammendments will be made available as NAB recovers them.