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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

National Collegiate 4-H Newsletter- January 2007

Volume: 1 Issue: 2

NAB News_____________

Notes from the Chair

By: Antoine Jefferson, NAB Chair,
Louisiana State University

Planning for the Strategic Plan

The National Action Board of Collegiate 4-H has been hard at work with the strategic plan that has been drawn up. The strategic plan is a list of goals and actions that the National Action Board and Strategic Planning Committee felt would better the National Collegiate 4-H Organization as a whole. We’re really excited about putting this plan into action, and the best part is that you, the national body, will be the key that makes it wind up! If you want to know about the strategic plan, ask your regional president or any member of the NAB. Ask how you can be more involved with the plan, as well, because we’re always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated people to help.


The National Action Board is soon coming to re-elections. At the end of the National Conference in February, the 2nd year NAB members will release their positions and give them to the first year NAB members, and the first year NAB will give their positions to the newly elected regional presidents. There will also be re-elections for the National Business Manager, Secretary, and committees. So NAB will soon see new faces, new ideas, for this new year. I would like to thank the 2nd year NAB members for their dedication and insight that you gave to the board, and you will be missed.

Notes from the Business Manager

By: Sarah Leidheiser
Business Manager

At-Large Members

Coming to National Conference as an At-Large member? Please keep the following guidelines, according to the National Collegiate 4-H Constitution, in mind:

  • Members-at-large must be enrolled at an institution of higher learning without an affiliated Collegiate 4-H club
  • Recognition from the state’s State 4-H Office must be acquired and presented
  • Members-at-large who have paid their dues shall have one (1) vote per ten (10) members or fraction thereof. Members-at-large shall meet prior to the business meeting to choose voting delegate(s).

Questions or concerns?

Please contact Sarah Leidheiser at businessmanager

Club Establishment Guidelines

Attention All Club Presidents,

As the National Business Meeting approaches, it is important to remember to register your Collegiate 4-H club for the upcoming year. Registering with the National Organizations ensures voting privileges, a better way for the National Collegiate 4-H Organization to contact your club, and much more. The best part — it’s easy! Follow these simple steps to ensure your club’s registration:

  1. Complete the club establishment guidelines posted on This application is located under the “National Documents” section of the website.

  2. Bring the completed document and club dues to the 2007 National Conference in Baton Rouge, LA. Not attending conference, but would still like to send your dues and Club Establishment Guidelines, please postmark them by Thursday, February 8th. The address is included in the guidelines.
Other reminders:
  • If you would like to submit your Club Establishment Guidelines electronically, I will be accepting this option. Please send any electronic components to businessmanager
    Dues are set at $5 per club member, with a cap of $50 a club. These can be paid by checks made payable to “Collegiate 4-H.” Receipts will be provided upon receipt.

Questions or concerns?
Please contact Sarah Leidheiser at businessmanageremail

Notes from the Secretary

By: Amy Schwertner
NAB Secretary

Submitting Resolutions and Amendments

Clubs wishing to submit any resolutions or amendments to the National Collegiate 4-H Constitution must submit them in writing to the National Action Board at least 24 hours prior to the national business meeting (Friday, February 17, 2007, 3:30 PM Central Time). Resolutions and/or amendments may also be submitted to the National Action Board Secretary prior to the National 4-H Conference at secretaryemail. If any clubs have amendments or resolutions we ask that you please submit them through this route so that there is sufficient time to make copies for the national business meeting.

Opportunity for Collegiate 4-H Members to Serve as National 4-H Conference Facilitators

By: Byron Garrett
USDA, Collegiate 4-H Liaison

National 4-H Headquarters, USDA is looking for Collegiate 4-H members to provide leadership for key components of the 2007 National 4-H Conference. In addition to facilitating round table discussions-which lead to youth recommendations that are shared with the Secretary of Agriculture, Extension professionals, and others-collegiate facilitators are critical to the success of Citizenship Excursions.

  • Collegiate facilitators arrive at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center (Chevy Chase, MD) by 7 pm, Friday, March 23.
  • Facilitation training is provided Saturday, March 24. By evening, facilitators lead icebreakers with their round table participants.
  • Facilitators assist with conference programming including assisting with structured educational excursions in the Nation’s Capitol through the Town Hall Meeting on March 27.
  • Facilitators are encouraged to stay in town for Capitol Hill Day, ending with a dinner/dance cruise on the Potomac River on March 28. All participants depart by Thursday, March 29.
  • All travel expenses are reimbursed. Meals and lodging are provided as part of the conference program. Facilitators also receive a modest honorarium for their contributions.

~ Application Instructions ~

  1. Submit the Collegiate Facilitator Application form, posted at (click on Delegate Forms) to by January 31.
  2. Ask your State 4-H Program Leader or an appropriate full-time 4-H county or state Extension professional to submit a letter of recommendation to by January 31 to include their assessment of your qualifications, especially flexibility, accountability, maturity, and interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.
  3. Acceptances will be announced February 5. Facilitators will be asked to complete additional registration forms at that time.

For more information about the National 4-H Conference, visit

Questions? Contact us at or 202-401-5165.

Collegiates in Action at Western National Roundup

By: Melissa Oliver
Colorado State University, Round-up Coordinator

Western National Roundup was held in the beautiful Denver, Colorado at the Renaissance Denver Hotel, January 4-7, 2007. Roundup is a national event where 4-H’ers and FFA members come from across the country to compete and participate in numerous contests and workshops. More than 1,000 delegates, contestants, adults, coaches, and guests attended the event from 30 states and Alberta, Canada. Jonathan Sprinkles, the 2006 Speaker of the Year, inspired, motivated and entertained the attendees.

Twenty-four collegiate 4-H members from six universities assisted with the event. These collegiate 4-H’ers presented a workshop, checked in delegations, worked in the office and chaperoned tours and evening dinners. They experienced long nights, long hours and went through more pots of coffee than they could count, but they had the experience of a lifetime. This is an excellent opportunity for collegiate 4-H members to get involved. It is a great way to get your collegiate 4-H club’s name out there and meet other collegiate 4-H members from across the country.

If you have questions about Roundup or if you are interested in helping next year, please contact Melissa Oliver, or (970) 491-0246.

Maryland 4-H Horse Bowl Competition Needs Collegiate 4-H Volunteers

By: Kristen M. Wilson, Regional 4-H Horse Specialist

Hello Everyone!

The Maryland 4-H Horse Bowl Competition is coming up on Saturday, March 10, 2007 at the Plant Sciences Bldg at the University of Maryland. In order to make the day run smoothly, we are in need of several volunteers to help within the rooms. The event will start at 8:30am and will go until mid afternoon. We need volunteers for the junior, intermediate, and senior divisions.

The jobs and amount of people in which we need to fill include:

Senior Room Moderator (2)
Senior Room Judge (4)
Intermediate Room Moderator (2)
Intermediate Room Judge (4)
Junior Room Moderator (2)
Junior Room Judge (4)
Score Keepers (12)
Buzzer Operators (6)
Card Runners/Miscellaneous Jobs As Needed (3)

If you are interested in helping, please send me an email back with your first and second job preferences. We will try to accommodate your first choice if at all possible. Thank you in advance for considering helping with this important event!

Advocacy Team Reports______

The Advocacy Team wants you!

By: April Mendenhall
Colorado State University, Advocacy Team Liaison

Advocacy Team looking for energetic new committee members!

The Advocacy team would like to invite you to join their committee for the 2007 year. We invite you to make a difference in the organization, and become active on the national level. The team is now accepting applications for those interested in participating in the committee. Those interested in joining the team should fill out an application available here:

The Advocacy team works together to create promotional materials for the mational organization, provide materials for clubs to use at their Universities, help to provide ideas for service projects and National 4-H Week in October, and publish the National newsletter at the National Conference each year. Applications should be sent to secretaryemail

Join the Advocacy team and make a difference in the National Collegiate 4-H Organization!

Calling all Collegiate 4-H Clubs, Submit your Articles for the National Collegiate 4-H Newsletter Today!

Hey Collegiate 4-H’ers and Advisors–

It’s time for the annual edition of the National Collegiate 4-H Newsletter! We want to showcase what your club has done in the past year and facilitate sharing ideas and recognizing our fellow members for their work. The newsletter will be released in hard copy format at the National Collegiate 4-H Conference February 15-18 in Baton Rouge , LA BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t participate and benefit from the newsletter if you won’t be at conference. The newsletter will also be available online for viewing when it is released at conference. Help share and communicate with your fellow members, we want to hear from ALL of YOU! Need an idea to get you started writing? Check out our suggested list below! Don’t forget to e-mail us your articles by February 5th at

  • Service project your club participated in
  • Workshops you presented to community or 4-H groups
  • Great recruiting strategies that worked well for your group
  • Fun trips or events you participated in
  • Shout-outs to graduating seniors
  • Recognition of outstanding work of one of your club members
  • Special announcements
  • Jokes, comics, crossword puzzles, games, etc.
  • Anything you want to share with us!

Web Team Reports

National Collegiate 4-H Web Team- Where Web Time is Fun Time!

By: Jessica Falkenthal
Indiana University, Web Team Chair

Think you know web design? Do you have a passion for Photoshop or graphic art? Do you dream of databases? If you answered yes to any of these, the National Collegiate 4-H Web Team is for you!

Imagine the ability to promote Collegiate 4-H to more than 3000 people per month! Tink of the difference you could make in attracting caring, compassionate individuals towards joining an existing Collegiate 4-H club or starting their own. And as a direct result, imagine the volume of 4-H members that those Collegiate 4-H members will reach!

So wiggle your fingers and prepare to start typing your application for the 2007-08 National Collegiate 4-H Web Team, so you can personally impact the visibility and image of Collegiate 4-H nationwide with the click of a mouse.

Web Team, where we make a difference through the WEB! Get an application at
Applications should be sent to secretaryemail

Collegiate 4-H Message Board Gets Action

Check out the message boards for service and social ideas for your club, conference updates, and opportunities to give feedback and voice your concerns and ideas. Plus find grant, internship, scholarship, and 4-H opportunities! College Life 101 has been created to share advice about how to “survive on a college campus” with 4-H members as they transition to college along with fellow Collegiate 4-H members. Ask questions of your own, answer others, and help to build this as a resource for all of us to share!

Ag Consortium Report

Ag Consortium Report

By: Tommy Inglis
University of Nevada Reno, Ag Consortium Representative

The Ag Consortium will be meeting February 8-10 in Indianapolis, Indiana. During the National Agricultural Education in service event various workshops and information sessions will be going on. Some sessions will include state curriculum standards, new resources for LifeKnowledge 3.0, local and state leadership development, and many others.

You may be asking yourself what the consortium of Collegiate Agricultural Organizations is? First it’s a collection of 16 organizations which have been responsible for the development of the Collegiate LifeKnowledge curriculum. The CLK curriculum focuses on four main areas which are Personnel Development, Organizational, Career, and Community. This curriculum is going to be featured during out national conference in Baton Rouge this year. If your interested in finding more information about either the Collegiate LifeKnowlege curriculum or the Ag. Consortium, information is available on the web at and or you can contact your liaisons, Tommy Inglis and Patrick Voorhies.

Ag Consortium Report

By: Patrick Voorhies
Louisiana State University, Out-going Liaison

For the past year and a half I have had the opportunity to help in the formation of the Consortium of Collegiate Agricultural Organizations (known simply as “The Consortium”) between many of the top national collegiate agriculture-related organizations. I am honored that Collegiate 4-H was selected to be at the table with such other organizations as Alpha Zeta, Collegiate FFA, NAMA and others. As the liaison to the Consortium, our appointments are on a two-year rotating basis and as my term comes to a close, I hope that our new liaison will continue to represent our organization’s needs to the Consortium.

Since the Consortium is a rather new organization, we are just beginning to see the tremendous opportunities that can come from this partnership, including use of the Collegiate LifeKnowledge curriculum. Some of you may have already received training or exposure to this computer-based training through your other student organizations, but all of you will have the opportunity to receive training directly or indirectly through the National Collegiate 4-H Conference coming up in February. The Collegiate LifeKnowledge curriculum offers lessons on preparing yourself outside of the classroom to become a successful professional. While some lessons are geared towards individual development, there are also customizable lessons that can be scaled to the level of your local club for officer-leader development, funds management, and life skills such as public presentations and record keeping. What’s more, the program is fully customizable to YOUR club-by filling out an instrument at the launch of the program, it will provide you with lessons geared directly to the needs of your club and its members, all complete with the inclusion of the Collegiate 4-H logo on the materials (an added bonus of being a part of the Consortium). Club members will directly see the benefits of being part of the Collegiate 4-H Organization and see the club’s national dues at work! These materials fill a much-needed gap in providing developmental materials for the college-aged student while also meeting our needs as part of the 4-H organization. If you are unable to attend the National Conference, then all you need to do to receive the training is contact a member of your club or region that has attended the training for assistance. Everyone attending the training in person at the National Conference will be instructed as a trainer for the curriculum in order to better serve our organization with a widespread effort to introduce the Collegiate LifeKnowledge program.

Nationals Update________

Rally in the Red Stick for the 2007 Convention Nationale des 4-H Collégial!

Patrick Voorhies
Louisiana State University, Conference Co-Coordinator

It’s almost time for the 2007 Convention Nationale des 4-H Collégial, Rally in the Red Stick! Our registrations so far are great, but we want plus de inscriptions (many more of you!). Hopefully everyone has enjoyed pre-viewing and pre-registering for their workshops this year, but that’s only a taste of one of the new features to be looking for in Baton Rouge this February. Traditionally, there have been many requests for opportunities to share amongst clubs during the conference. This year, you can look forward to choosing between several nightly forums on topics such as community service projects, new clubs and club management, and member development to exchange ideas with Collegiate 4-H’ers from across the country. We will also be offering an alternate educational activity during the national business meeting to train our members in the Collegiate LifeKnowledge curriculum developed for the needs of our membership. Our community service project has been finalized and we look forward to giving you a first-hand look at the parish hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina as we devote our efforts to helping local St. Bernard Parish 4-H’ers restore their communities. So come join us for a taste of the South-Louisiana-style with Mardi Gras and some great Cajun food thrown in too! If you haven’t done so already, register online today at — registration ends January 19th!So, Laissez les bon temps rouler (let the good times roll) in Baton Rouge, hope to see everyone there on February 15-18, 2007!

Regional News__________

North Central Region

North Central Report

By: Kristin Barnhart
The Ohio State University, Past North Central President

The last couple of months of 2006 was a busy time for the North Central region. In October, South Dakota State University hosted the regional conference with 77 delegates from all over the region. Delegates visited Mount Rushmore and panned for gold, and learned many new leadership techniques during workshops presented. It would not be a complete conference recap without mentioning the square dance lessons the entire conference attended. South Dakota was not just fun and games, the region also handled a great deal of business throughout the weekend. The Ohio State University was named as the North Central Club of the Year, along with Indiana University as the North Central New Club of the Year. North Central Scrapbook of the Year went to Kansas State University. Also, the leadership for the next year was named. Congratulations to President Kristie Storms of South Dakota State University, Business Manager Tim Hornsby of The Ohio State University, Secretary Amy Frerichs of South Dakota State University, Electronic Communications Coordinator Beth Bray of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Co-Conference Coordinators Tara Beyke and Dustin Potts of Purdue University. Thank you for stepping up to the challenge!

Northeast Region

none provided

Southern Region

Down to the Wire

By: Antoine Jefferson
President, Louisiana State University

The time is almost up for the Southern Regional Officers, as the 2007 National Conference comes in only a month, so will the elections of the 2007-08 Southern Regional Officer team. Sarah Edens (Vice-President), Heather Powell (Secretary), Hannah Dicus (Business Manager/Conference Coordinator), and myself, will all give up our leadership positions for the new wave of new comers to fill. I would like to personally thank the Southern Regional officer team for being an amazing asset to the Southern Region this fiscal year. If anyone is interested in running for a leadership position, inform your club and express that interest at the National Conference in February. We’re looking for people with great leadership skills and a dedication to Collegiate 4-H to fill these positions. See you all in February!

Western Region

Exciting News from the Western Region!

By: April Mendenhall
Colorado State University, Western Regional President

Welcome to our New Officers

The western region would like to welcome the 2007 regional officers:

  • President: April Mendenhall Colorado State University
  • Secretary: AJ Lambert Colorado State University
  • Business Manager: Amber Mathisen University of Wyoming
  • NAB representative: Tommy Inglis University of Nevada Reno

This year’s officer team hopes to encourage greater participation on the regional level and increase communication between clubs by hosting monthly regional meetings.

New Website Launch

The western regional website has moved!! We are now hosted under Check out the newly remodeled site and leave us a note on our message boards!

2008 National Conference

Going Green in 2008!

Colorado State University, University of Wyoming, and the University of Nevada Reno are proud to host the 2008 National Conference in beautiful Denver, Colorado. We invite you to experience Denver the right way with a planned ski trip before and after the national conference and many exciting tours that will take you across great state of Colorado. We’ve scheduled enthusiastic speakers and workshops that will help us all to “come together” in the Rocky Mountains, and are looking forward to receiving workshops from Collegiate 4-H clubs across the country who want to participate in this once in a lifetime event.

Make sure to mark your calendars for February 20-24th, 2008! Look for more information and the launch of our website at the 2007 National Collegiate 4-H Conference in Baton Rouge!

Western Regional Business Meeting Report

By: Tommy Inglis

University of Nevada Reno, Western Regional NAB Rep

During November 3-5th UC Davis hosted the 2006 Western Region Collegiate 4-H Conference. Members from UC Davis, CSU, Wyoming, and UNR were in attendance. Through out the weekend members engaged in workshops, tours, and ended with the regional business meeting. The event was very successful. Goals and the future of the western region’s involvement in Collegiate 4-H were outlined.

During the business meeting, items on the agenda included the 2008 National Conference, school updates, 2007 Western Region Conference, officer elections, Collegiate LifeKnowledge, Strategic Plan, and the overall Collegiate 4-H program. The new western regional officer team is as follows: Western Regional President April Mendenhall CSU, Business Manager Amber Mathisen (Wyoming), Secretary A.J Lambert (CSU), Regional NAB Representative Tommy Inglis (UNR). The western region opted to have monthly business meetings prior to NAB meetings. This was adopted to encourage information exchange, idea sharing, and to promote regional unity though cohesiveness. For any further information on happenings in the western region or copies of regional business meeting secretary reports please go to:

This Newsletter was compiled by:

National Collegiate 4-H Advocacy Team

A committee of the National Collegiate 4-H Organization

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

International program and travel experience to Morocco and Egypt

Here is an opportunity provided by the Consortium for Collegiate Agricultural Organizations. (The National Collegiate 4-H Organization is a member of the Consortium) It is open to all Collegiate 4-H members!

We have some exciting information to share with you. Collegiate FFA programs will be sponsoring an international program and travel experience to Morocco and Egypt through generous funding provided by the U.S. Grains Foundation.

Who is eligible?
Collegiate students who aremembers of 1 of 16 collegiate agricultural organizations (these are listed on below) can apply to be a part of this program.
Eligible students must be going into their Junior or Senior year of college (or beyond).

Alpha Zeta


(Alpha Gamma Rho)

Collegiate FFA


(National Agri-Marketing Association)


(Alpha Tau Alpha)


(Alpha Gamma Sigma)

Farm House


(Professional Landcare Network)


(Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow)

Block and Bridle


(Minorities in Agricultural, Natural Resources & Related Sciences)


(Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization)


(Agriculture Future of America)

Collegiate 4-H


(National Agricultural Alumni Directors Association)

*Ambassadors for Colleges of Agriculture

Sigma Alpha

When and where are we going?
The trip will take place in mid to late May of 2007. The expected departure is around the 18th of May, and will return 12-14 days after that. Please allow for 2-3 day flexibility on the dates. We will travel to the countries of Morocco and Egypt during our time abroad.

How much will it cost?
Currently, we are gathering information for the itinerary and program specifics. At this time we do not have an “official” cost of the trip. Estimates for this type of trip range between $3000-4000. It is to be known that a $2000 scholarship will be provided to each of the selected student participants of this program.

The U.S. Grains Council and Foundation seek to build global markets for American grains. It is their wish to provide this opportunity for collegiate students to learn about how the global marketplace affects American agriculture. Students with specified
interested in pursuing international agriculture as a career are preferred.

How can I apply?
Attached to this email you will find an Excel document with the full Collegiate Global Programs application. It is a several-page application, but please fill out each and every piece in order to be eligible for consideration. Completed applications will be due (postmarked) March 15, 2007.
Applications will also be available via the Collegiate FFA website at .

Any questions regarding this process or trip may be directed to Jill Casten, Collegiate Program Manager at the contact information below.

Thank you for your interest,
Jill Casten
Program Manager, Collegiate FFA
National FFA Organization


Friday, January 19, 2007

Collegiate 4-H emblems

Updated Collegiate 4-H emblems are available at

The updates include using the appropriate color for the clover and making the emblem available in a club version (without the National Collegiate 4-H words and arched box1).

If you need the emblem in a different size, please contact the Web Team to have it properly resized.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nevada Leadership Experience

On the shores of Lake Tahoe, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Nevada Collegiate 4-H, and Nevada State 4-H Ambassadors met for a leadership experience like no other.  Below-freezing temperatures and over a foot of snow were two of the key factors that contributed to the success of the event.  During the four-day ambassador training, workshops were presented on Health Rocks, 4-H Caucus, team-building, and leadership for youth and adults alike.  The highlight of the weekend was the group snowshoeing adventure.  Lead by the Great Basin Outdoor School 4-H’ers, the group learned environmental education while working as a team.  A meandering snowshoe trek through the Tahoe National Forest set the stage for what can only be described as the coldest and most beautiful leadership activity in Nevada 4-H history. 

Nevada Collegiate 4-H members Takela Eaton, Jessica Poole, and Tommy Inglis all lead the weekend’s workshops and activities.  All three collegiate 4-Hers helped facilitate committees that produced constitutional by-laws for the Nevada Ambassador Program. Nevada Collegiate 4-H led several workshops focusing on media relations, event planning, team-building, and leadership.  Finally a draft for a future state ambassador handbook was accepted and is currently being worked on by all participants of the ambassador training.

Submited by: Tommy Inglis, University of Nevada Reno, Western Regional NAB Representative

Want to see your club featured here? Send your article to the Advocacy and Web Team by visiting the contact page.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

National 4-H Conference seeks Collegiate 4-H members to serve as Collegiate Facilitators

National 4-H Headquarters, USDA is looking for Collegiate 4-H members to provide leadership for key components of the 2007 National 4-H Conference.

In addition to facilitating round table discussions—which lead to youth recommendations that are shared with the Secretary of Agriculture, Extension professionals, and others—collegiate facilitators are critical to the success of Citizenship Excursions.
• Collegiate facilitators arrive at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center (Chevy Chase, MD) by 7 pm, Friday, March 23.
• Facilitation training is provided Saturday, March 24. By evening, facilitators lead icebreakers with their round table participants.
• Facilitators assist with conference programming including assisting with structured educational excursions in the Nation’s Capitol through the Town Hall Meeting on March 27.
• Facilitators are encouraged to stay in town for Capitol Hill Day, ending with a dinner/dance cruise on the Potomac River on March 28. All participants depart by Thursday, March 29.
• All travel expenses are reimbursed. Meals and lodging are provided as part of the conference program. Facilitators also receive a modest honorarium for their contributions.

Applications are due by January 31, 2007.

For more information, please view the
National 4-H Conference Collegiate 4-H Facilitators flyer.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Agenda for January NAB Meeting

January 9th, 2007 @ 9pm Central Time
National Action Board of Collegiate 4-H
Teleconference 11

*Approval of Agenda

*Comments from Byron Garret (3 minutes)

*Reading of the Minutes (Secretary)

*Approval of the Minutes

*Business Manager’s Report (Business manager)

*Old Business (5 minutes)

*Consortium Report (5 minutes)

*Western Region Resolutions (2 minutes)
– Comments from author
– Vote

*National Committee Discussion (2 minutes)

*Strategic Plan Areas of Focus Update (2 minutes per section)
1. Diversity
2. Organizational Affairs
3. Communication and Member Education
4. Partnerships
5. Community Service

*National Conference Update (15 minutes)

*Advocacy Team Update (5 minutes)

*Web Team Update (5 minutes)

*Service Project of Emphasis Update (5 minutes per project)

*Regional Updates (2 minutes each region)
– Western Region
– Southern Region
– North Central Region
– North Eastern Region

*Other Concerns and future agenda items
Alotted Time: 75 minutes
Meeting End Time: 10:15 pm Central Time