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National 4-H Week Media Kit for Collegiate 4-H clubs

These materials are available for club use during National 4-H Week- 4-H Goes to College. Please note that this is not the standard National 4-H Week Media Kit. Visit the National 4-H Week Media Kit distributed by the National 4-H Council for more information. All materials provided here are available in Microsoft Word and editable. The Collegiate 4-H Advocacy Team welcomes questions and comments as well as suggestions for the improvement of the media kit.

4-H Week Frequently Asked Questions

4-H Week Project and Activity Ideas

Promotional Materials

Booth Materials

4-H Week Email Recruitment 111 KB

4-H Week Email Sheet 99KB

4-H Week Table of Contents Page 92KB

PSAs and Press Releases

4-H Week Public Service Announcement & Press Release 102KB

PSA Ad Graphic 39 KB

Larger PSA Ad Graphic 80 KB

National Collegiate 4-H Service Day Resources

We are asking that all clubs to work on putting together a project involving OMK, one of the National Service Project of Emphasis for this year! 

For more 4-H Week resources, materials and ideas, please visit the National 4-H Week Kit provided by the National 4-H Council.

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