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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ACCESS 4-H Focus Groups: Help National 4-H Solve What to do about 4-H Online- Due December 30

Reminder: ACCESS 4-H is part of our regional service project! Participating in this is just one way that your club members can help. It will only take about 3 hours in January to contribute to the future of 4-H everywhere! Late applications may be accepted if they’re received soon!

Please share this exciting national opportunity with your Collegiate 4-H members, 4-H teens, college-age 4-H alumni, volunteers, and staff! The ACCESS 4-H focus groups will provide key guidance for the creation of a new 4-H online environment that provides information, interaction and instruction to all audiences of the 4-H community.

ACCESS 4-H is looking for visionaries to help explore and design the idea of an online community that 4-H has been asking for, one that tells the world our stories and our impact while connecting the 4-H community nationwide in ways we’ve never explored. You are the experts. Having been involved day-to-day with 4-H, you have the insight, wisdom and knowledge to design a whole new way of connecting.


We will gather for a short series of telephone and online collaborations (between January 7-18) resulting in a brand new 4-H online community. Following the 2 weeks of focus groups, focus group participants will be offered the chance to be among the first to test and try out the new ACCESS 4-H.


All we need is 1-2 paragraphs explaining your 4-H background and your interest in bringing 4-H up to speed with what you need online. We’ll also need your contact information (name, age, home state/county, phone number, email address).

Submit your application to us at by December 30. Please get your applications in soon – we’ll be accepting participants on a first-come first-serve basis, with preference given to applications received before December 30.

For more information about the ACCESS 4-H project, please visit

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