National Collegiate 4-H

What do Collegiate 4-H Clubs do?

When it comes to programs and activities that are done by Collegiate 4-Hers, they are as varied and diverse as the 50 state 4-H programs. Collegiate 4-H clubs base their programs on the interests of club members and existing 4-H event opportunities at the county and state level. If you contact them about a potential opportunity to work with 4-H youth, you are likely to receive some of the most dedicated individuals, you’ve met!

We’re passionate about 4-H and I’m sure that after you spend some time with us, you’ll realize you are too!

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Service to 4-H
Many of our members are some of the most passionate 4-H alumni you will find in the nation. Due to their extensive experience with 4-H programs, many alumni want to give back to the organization and provide

Some previous projects in clubs have included offering a college campus experience to high school 4-H members by providing 4-H Host Weekends, providing scholarships to incoming students, special programming for youth, mentoring younger 4-H members, serving as summer program assistants in county, state and national 4-H offices and centers, and providing 4-H advocacy.  Many Collegiate 4-H clubs are also active in providing assistance in starting 4-H clubs in their area.  Education and Event Support– Collegiate 4-H clubs may provide workshops on many topics at their state conferences, county 4-H officer trainings, leadership retreats for high school 4-H members, State and National 4-H Conference Support, facilitate roundtable discussions, and judge 4-H events. State 4-H Committee and State 4-H Foundation members- Many Collegiate 4-H members can be found on state-level committees and boards representing older 4-H youth and recent alumni. Volunteerism– In addition to being able to provide trainings to 4-H volunteers, Collegiate 4-H members are in the process of developing themselves as 4-H volunteers.

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Community Service
Collegiate 4-H is involved in more than the 4-H community. Many clubs participate in community service for charities that they care about.


Volunteering is a great way to get acquainted with other like-minded individuals who have the passion and dedication to improve lives through action. Strong friendships are formed in Collegiate 4-H and there are even many alumni who met their future spouse in Collegiate 4-H!