National Collegiate 4-H


Some universities require that university clubs and organization have an advisor. Oftentimes it might be required that the advisor be a faculty or staff member. Check with your school’s policies on student organizations. If your state 4-H office is not located on your campus or in your county, your state 4-H program leader might prefer that your club have a direct link to a local 4-H office by having a county 4-H staff member serve as an advisor for your club. County 4-H staff are a great tool to keep your club connected to the 4-H program and involved with volunteering in your county 4-H program.

Finding the Right Advisor

The right advisor can be hard to find, especially if your University hasn’t had a Collegiate 4-H club before. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Contact your state office to see if there has been a registered Collegiate 4-H advisor at your university in the past.   See if they are still working there and if they would be interested in taking on a new club.   A previous advisor usually has records and insight that could be invaluable to a new club.
  • If there hasn’t been a Collegiate 4-H advisor before, or if the old advisor is no longer available, see if there is a extension agent at your state office would be interested.
  • Try to find someone who is well connected with your state 4-H program.
  • An advisor should attend your meetings, be someone that can help your club out within the university, be willing to work with the club on anything that they need, and fit the personality of the group.
  • Make it clear from both parties what the role of your club advisor will be within your club. 
  • Finding the right advisor can be a trying task, and you won’t always find the one that fits the first time.  When you do find someone that works well with your group, stick with them! 

Collegiate 4-H Advisor’s Handbook

In 2003 Cathann Kress, Director of Youth Development at the National 4-H Headquarters revised and updated our existing records of Collegiate 4-H Advisors Handbooks to produce the Collegiate 4-H Advisor’s Handbook to assist Collegiate 4-H advisors in understanding the opportunities that a Collegiate 4-H club brings to the 4-H community and being able to provide some advisor development.