National Collegiate 4-H

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amendment to Article VII- Concerning the National Service Project of Emphasis

Submitted by Patrick Voorhies

2006 Constitutional Amendment #4

WHEREAS in the current constitution, Article VII, Sections B,C,D, currently reads:

B. At the National Collegiate 4-H Conference, an area of special concern, known as the National Collegiate 4-H Service Project of Emphasis, shall be selected for the following three (3) academic years. Each member club shall strive to carry out one (1) project each year during the three (3) years, addressing this area of concern, and shall report this project to the National Organization.

C. The National Service Project of Emphasis:
a. Will be approved by a majority vote at the National Collegiate 4-H Conference.
b. The club presenting a proposed National Service Project shall, at its acceptance, become its sponsor.
c. The project shall be developed over the subsequent one (1) year period by the sponsor club.
d. A National Service Project manual will be submitted by the sponsor club at the National Collegiate 4-H Conference at the end of the first year.
e. The sponsor club will submit a report of the project to the NAB at the end of the three (3) year period.
f. The NAB should maintain all National Service Project manuals to be available to member clubs on request.

D. The National Service Project of Emphasis will not be limited to one (1) every three (3) years.

In a newly amended constitution, these sections should be removed and a newly added section Section B should read:

1. There will be a National Service Project of Emphasis selected by the Collegiate 4-H National Voting body annually.
2. The project will be proposed by a group of interested parties at the time of expiration of the previous National Service Project of Emphasis.
3. A proposal for the project must be submitted to the NAB at least 24 hours in advance of the National Business Meeting and include a description, purpose, timeline, and implementation plan.