National Collegiate 4-H

Monday, February 25, 2008

Announcing the New NAB for 08-09

North Central Region President
Jessica Falkenthal, Indiana University

Northeast Region President
Alyssa Ross, Rutgers University

Southern Region President, NAB Chair
Casey East, Troy University

Western Region Representative
Autumn Sheridan, Colorado State University

Northeast Region Second Year Member
Lisa Richardson, University of Maryland

North Central Region Second Year Member
Amy Redman, Dickinson State University

Southern Region Second Year Member
Sarah Edens, Oklahoma State University

Western Region Second Year Member
April Mendenhall, Colorado State University

2009 National Conference Coordinator
Beth Neil, University of Minnesota

Business Manager
Ashley Buford, University of Georgia

Nacona Canady, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Advocacy Team Liaison

Web Team Liaison

Ag Consortium Representative
Crystal Schauer, Iowa State

Liaison from National 4-H Headquarters
Eddy Mentzer, National 4-H Headquarters, CSREES, USDA

Advisor from the North Central Region