National Collegiate 4-H

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Announcing the September NAB meeting

The following is the agenda for the September National Action Board meeting. If you would like more information about an agenda item, please use the Contact page to contact your regional representative. If you would like to add an item to their agenda, please contact the NAB Chair, before September 11, 10PM by using the contact page to contact the Southern Regional Representative!

September 12th, 2006 @ 10 P.M. Eastern
National Action Board of Collegiate 4-H
Teleconfernce 7

*Reading and Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)

*Business Manager’s Report (Business manager)

*Old Business (10 minutes)

*Strategic Planning Committee (5-7 minutes)
– Review of the comments made by SPC

*Consortium Report (5 minutes)

*National Conference Update (5 minutes)

*Advocacy Team Update (5 minutes)

*Web Team Update (5 minutes)

*Regional Updates (3 minutes each region)
– Western Region
– Southern Region
– North Central Region
– North Eastern Region

*Other Concerns and future agenda items