National Collegiate 4-H

National Collegiate 4-H Strategic Planning Committee

The committee is charged with the oversight of the National Collegiate 4-H Strategic Plan, as well as assessment and evaluation of the progress made towards completion of tasks outlined in the plan.  The Strategic Plan, to be developed this Summer 2006, will serve as a roadmap for the completion of short-term and long-term goals consistent with the mission and vision for the national organization.

Minutes from June 18th, 2006 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting (PDF)


Northeast Representative
Vacant- Please contact Vanessa Cerny, North East Region President if interested

North Central Representative
Val Krumm, Iowa State University

Southern Representative
Cody Johnson, Alabama Collegiate 4-H

Western Representative
Tommy Inglis, University of Nevada Reno

Old NAB Representative
Shane Sheridan, Colorado State University

New NAB Representative
Sarah Leidheiser, Ohio State University


NAB Members of 2006-07 Responsibilities

1. Organizational Affairs Sarah Leidheiser, Shane Sheridan
2. Diversity Jasmine Honore, Antoine Jefferson
3. Communication and Member Education Patrick Voorhies
4. Partnerships Kristin Barnhart, Vanessa Cerny
5. Community Service Val Krumm, Amy Schwertner


Overview of Strategic Planning Process

Here is an outline of the process by which the national organization and the National Action Board will devise a Strategic Plan that will serve as a roadmap for the completion of short-term and long-term goals consistent with the mission and vision for the national organization.

Goals and Tasks of the Strategic Planning Process

The Strategic Planning process will do the following:

  • Re-examine the current mission statement of the national organization and determining whether meets the needs and accurately describes the organization.
  • Developing a vision statement for the national organization.
  • Conduct proper environmental analysis (such as SWOT) to accurately know what resources are needed and are already available to implement any plans, as well as what strengths we can build upon or weaknesses need to be overcome to implement the plan.
  • Name goals that need to be accomplished to reach our vision and better meet our mission statement, as well as other defined improvements for the organization as defined by members and the Taskforce report.
  • Define actions to be taken and expected outcomes of these goals.
  • Develop a 3 year plan and action plan with identified benchmarks and timeline for action.
  • Evaluate progress of the national organization and its leadership in meeting its goals.

Creation of the Plan

The Strategic Plan will be created at the National Action Board retreat that will take place at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, MD this summer. The initial plan will be developed by members of the National Action Board and other necessary partners. The plan will be reviewed by the Strategic Planning Committee (defined in more detail later in the report) over a one month period. At that time, the committee will be asked to conduct surveys and coordinate feedback of any and all interested Collegiate 4-H members throughout the country.

At the end of this one month period, members of the committee will present to NAB their suggestions and concerns, and a summary of the suggestions and concerns of the membership, over the initial plan in the form of a report. NAB will respond to the report and release a final plan to the Collegiate 4-H community within one month.

The plan will be adopted by the National Action Board as the official strategic plan for the organization for the next three years.

Read more in the Strategic Planning Committee Structure and Purpose (PDF)