National Collegiate 4-H


There are many ways to hold elections. What works for one club, may not work for others. Each club must work out a process that works for them and follow it from year to year. Below are key points and tips on ways to hold successful elections.

  • Hold elections the same time every year. For example The Ohio State University¬ís club holds their elections during the fourth general meeting of Winter quarter and are inducted at the final meeting of the quarter.
  • Open nominations prior to the meeting when elections are held. This allows for people to be able to think of who would be best for the positions.
  • Decide on if people are able to hold more than one office.
  • Secret ballot is a good way to vote.
  • Determine who will collect ballots and who will count them. It should be an adviser or someone who is unable to run for the position to remove bias.
  • Have a system for replacing any officer who is unable to complete their duties.
  • Decide if defeated nominees can be nominated for subsequent positions.
  • Nominees should be given a chance to tell people why they should be elected to a position. This can be done in several ways including short speeches followed by question and answers, applications or information sheets.
  • Develop a procedure for people who will not be able to attend the elections to be able to run. Sometimes people have unavoidable conflicts, for example with exams, that they may not be able to make that meeting.
  • Decide if people will be able to submit absentee ballots and the procedure for that.