National Collegiate 4-H

2007-2008 National Action Board Bios


Western Region NAB Representative, NAB Chair
Tommy Inglis

  • School: University of Nevada Reno
  • Major: Communications
  • Collegiate 4-H Experience:My first experience was the 2006 National Conference in Ohio.  We had talked about starting a club at UNR but really didn’t know where to begin.  After attending the National Conference we were able to establish Nevada Collegiate 4-H.  Participating with The Nevada State 4-H Ambassadors has been are main role and direction thus far.  We serve as advisors that helped them establish By-Laws, provide leadership training, and help out where ever we can.
  • 4-H Experience: My 4-H experience began with pigs.  I remember one day in sixth grade going to a swine meeting and it just expanded from there.  I really enjoyed quiz bowl and had the opportunity to compete at the national level several times and met some really great people I’m still great friends with.  Later the Nevada Ambassador program started and I participated in that group planning a few events and getting my first taste of the leadership 4-H offers.  I was able to attend National Congress and made my first attempt at dancing and am still trying to figure that out. 
  • "In 2007, I would like to: see the Strategic Plan get implemented in an effective m anner.  I want to focus on including the national body in this process as much as possible.  I really want to seek out new opportunities and ways that collegiate students can participate in Collegiate 4-H.  I would like to see each region conducting regional meetings bringing about a strong communication network.  Finally I’d like to see the start of a national handbook being developed that can be passed out to new and current clubs that provides all the information about Collegiate 4-H made available."


Northeast Region President
Megan Baker

  • School: University of Maryland
  • Major: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
  • Collegiate 4-H Experience:  2 years
  • 4-H Experience: 10 years
  • "In 2007, I would like to: get my region more involved with the National Collegiate 4-H Chapter."


North Central Region President
Kristie Storms

  • School: South Dakota State University
  • Major: Family Consumer Sciences Education
  • 4-H and Collegiate 4-H Experience: I have been a member since I was 8. I was very active in shooting sports (archery) and leadership activities. I was an officer for our Jr. Leaders group all through high school. I was selected to go to National 4-H Conference in 2004. I spent 3 summers as a 4-H Camp Counselor. I have held 2 collegiate offices secretary and currently historian. I attended JD/Leaders academy in 2005. I have attended the past 2 national Collegiate 4-H conferences. i have been the 4-H state fair FCS coordinator for the past 2 summers. I also have been our state 4-H phonathon coordinator for 2 years. SD 4-H Foundation Trustee. I also work for the state 4-H office as their workstudy.
  • "In 2007, I would like to: see work on the strategic plan and efforts to make membership stronger.

Southern Region President
Sarah Edens

  • School: Oklahoma State University
  • Major: Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering with a focus on environmental and natural resources
  • 4-H and Collegiate 4-H Experience: I have been a 4-H member since 1990 and have been active in Collegiate 4-H since 2004. I have been to three national conferences and three regional meetings now. My Collegiate 4-H experience has been Southern Region Vice President and now the new Southern Regional President. I am a first year NAB member and am looking forward to an exciting year.
  • "In 2007, I would like to: help further spread the 4-H spirit and improve on last year. I would also like to get out and visit other universities in my region and help strengthen the Southern Region."


National Conference Coordinator
April Mendenhall

  • School: Colorado State University
  • Major: Equine Science and Creative Writing, Business minor
  • Collegiate 4-H Experience: I have been a member of Collegiate 4-H for 3 years and have served on the Advocacy Team, the Web Team, and I am now the Western Regional President for 2007.   I am also one of the Co-coordinators for the 2008 National Collegiate 4-H conference that will be held in Denver, Colorado and I am the president of the CSU Collegiate 4-H Club. 
  • "In 2007, I would like to see: the organization continue to make changes and gain members this coming year.   I would like to help the organization connect with USDA and make the Strategic plan a reality!  I would also like to strategize with the rest of NAB to make our regions stronger, and hopefully be able to add more incentive for clubs to come to National and Regional conferences in the future.   I believe we will accomplish a lot this year, and look forward to working with all of you.  Go Collegiate 4-H!"


Western Region Second Year NAB member
Amber Mathisen

  • School: University of Wyoming
  • Major: Elementary Education, Family and Consumer Science, Women’s Studies
  • Collegiate 4-H and 4-H Experience: Amber was an eleven year 4-H member in Wyoming. Her projects included foods, food preservation, sewing, cake decorating, and dog. She represented her county at state competitions in fashion revue, presentation contest, meats judging, and vegetable judging. She has been a collegiate 4-H member for six years and has served as club president and publicity chair. She is currently the Western Region Business Manager in her second term.
  • "In 2007, I would like to see: National Collegiate 4-H continue to grow and find its place within the 4-H world as a whole. I would also like to see its members and leaders continue to work together for the betterment of the organization."

Northeast Region Second Year NAB member
Vanessa Cerny

  • School: Rutgers
  • Major: Animal Science
  • Collegiate 4-H and 4-H Experience: I was a member of New Jersey 4-H for 10 years participated actively on the County, State and National Level. I have been in Collegiate 4-H for 3 years, am President of The Rutgers University Collegiate 4-H club and had previously served as the Northeast Region’s Business Manager.
  • "In 2007, I would like to see:

North Central Region Second Year NAB member
Beth Bray

  • School: University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • Major: International Business with Spanish minor
  • 4-H and Collegiate 4-H Experience: I have been in 4-H ever since I was old enough to enter. My freshman year of college, I decided the best way to make the most of my college experience was to get involved. What better way to do that than to continue 4-H at the collegiate level? It was the best decision I had ever made. Being a freshman and having a voice in an organization gave being in the club more meaning. Regionals started to be talked about at our chapter meeting and I quickly became interested. I filled out the registration and I was on my way to making the most of my college experience. It was at the regional meeting that I decided to step it up a notch and run for an office. I was then elected into the electronic communications chair. I was the first one to develop our regional page with the help of Jessica Falkenthal. I have held the office still today.
  • "In 2007, I would like to see: a lot more members in my chapter. I would also want to see more interaction between the collegiate level and the county level. Right now, I feel like there is a big gap a that it needs to be fixed not only on the chapter level but national level as well."

Southern Region Second Year NAB member
Antoine Jefferson

  • School: Louisiana State University
  • Major: Biological Sciences
  • Collegiate 4-H and 4-H Experience: 3 years, 11 years in 4-H
  • "In 2007, I would like to:  increase membership and diversity within the
    national demographic of collegiate 4-Hers."

Non-voting Members


Business Manager
Jasmine Honore

  • School: Louisiana State University
  • Major: Animal Science
  • Collegiate 4-H and 4-H Experience: My first ever collegiate 4-H experience (well my first 4-H experience all together) included “So, do we want to plan National Conference?” This is my second year in Collegiate 4-H.
  • "In 2007, I would like to: "see Colleigate 4-H become more united and stay united throughout the school."

Amy Schwertner

  • School: Texas Tech
  • Major:Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • Collegiate 4-H Experiences: Texas Tech Collegiate 4-H Vice President, NAB Secretary, member of the National Advocacy Team, attended National Conference in Columbus, Ohio and Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • 4-H Experience: During my youth 4-H I was involved in about 10 different projects; my prevalent 4 were food and nutrition, citizenship and civic education, swine, and clothing. Leadership and community service were also important to me. I won several state 4-H honors throughout my high school years, and I was a 2003 Texas 4-H Leadership Conference delegate.
  • "In 2007, I would like to see: progess made on the Strategic Plan. We have a time line to follow as national leaders, and I hope that we will be able to meet the goals of the Strategic Plan outlined in the time line. I would also like to see a stronger NAB; I hope within the next year NAB can over come problems such as communication and personality differences that have been faced in the past. I feel that as a National Action Board we should be able to work to together to achieve goals made for the National Organization- such as those made in the Strategic Plan.

Advocacy Team Liaison
Christy Clary

  • School: The Ohio State University
  • Major: Agricultural Communication; Minor: Rural Sociology
  • Collegiate 4-H and 4-H Experience: I am an 11 year alumni of the Ohio 4-H Program. I participated in many activities and was involved on the state, local and national level. I have been involved in Collegiate 4-H at The Ohio State University since 2004. I have been actively involved in the club holding many offices and participating in activities on the club, regional and national level.
  • "In 2007, I would like to see: the National Organization to continue to grow and stregthen itself as an organization. Working together to implement the strategic plan and working to reach the goals people have set. People have so many great ideas and goals and I want to see some of them met and surpassed."


Web Team Liaison
Jessica Falkenthal

  • School: Indiana University
  • Major: Informatics
  • Collegiate 4-H Experience: Formed a club at Indiana University during Fall 2006, club president, webmaster, and chair of several committees, Collegiate 4-H at UC Davis community service chair 2004-January 2006, chair of UCD’s State 4-H Field Day activities, 2004 Western Regional Conference planning committee.
  • 4-H Experience: Falkenthal is currently a Web Crew member and Regional Representative for the North Central and Western regions, California 4-H Computer Corps member, and 2006 State 4-H Field Day planning committee member. She was a 10 year Ohio 4-H member, State 4-H Ambassador, 4-H Centennial Speakers Bureau member, Ohio 4-H Tech Team member, Ohio 4-H Teen Conference planning committee member, Ohio 4-H Engineering Team member & delegate to the National 4-H Engineering, Science, and Leadership Event, county junior fairboard, CWF delegate, 4-H camp counselor, and National 4-H Technology Leadership Conference delegate.
  • "In 2006, I would like to see: Collegiate 4-H rededicate itself towards 4-H advocacy and strengthen our purpose within the 4-H community, action taken at the national level to provide leadership, assistance and resources to local clubs and regions, more activity at the national level besides an annual conference and monthly NAB meetings, better communication between all levels of Collegiate 4-H including frequent reports to local clubs as to the activity being done and reports from clubs to regional officers as to the activities that their club is doing, development of a marketing plan for Collegiate 4-H at all levels and towards various audiences and materials to coincide with this plan, recruitment for Collegiate 4-H leadership positions of passionate individuals who are willing to dedicate the time towards strengthening the national organization, more opportunities for everyone to contribute and participate at every level, creation of a new club building kit, collection of all current and archived documents pertaining to the national organization, and an active website where everyone can communicate and share ideas. I would also like to see Collegiate 4-H become a more accepting and friendly organization that instills a positive experience from all levels for the individual."


Ag Consortium Representative-Elect

Dale Leidheiser

Colorado State University

  • Extension Specialist, 4-H & Youth Development
  • Responsible for volunteerism, leadership development & character education.

National Program Leader from National 4-H Headquarters, Liaison from USDA
Byron Garrett

  • Byron is the national program leader for three mission mandates: Youth In Governance, Science & Technology, and Healthy Lifestyles; oversight and direction for National 4-H Conference, Collegiate 4-H, and the National 4-H Youth Directions Council.