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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

National 4-H Week Materials

The National 4-H Council Marketing Team has recently released the National 4-H Week 2007 materials at Bookmarks, print ads and posters showcasing 4-H’s great work in science, engineering and technology (4-H SET) programs are downloadable for you to begin planning for National 4-H Week – October 7-13, 2007. Many more materials are coming soon including a brochure, certificates, placemats, Web banners and other event materials. To learn more about 4-H SET, click here. Please contact Allyson McMahan at or 301-961-2915 if you have any questions.

Also, beginning in September, even more resources will be added to help you promote 4-H SET events being held during National 4-H Week.

The National Collegiate 4-H Advocacy Team has been working hard at customizing 4-H week materials for Collegiate 4-H Clubs. Please check them out at:

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