National Collegiate 4-H

Saturday, February 17, 2007

National Action Board for 2007-08 Announced

North Central Region President
Kristie Storms, South Dakota State University

Northeast Region President
Megan Baker, University of Maryland

Southern Region President
Sarah Edens, Oklahoma State University

Western Region Representative, Ag Consortium Representative,
NAB Chair
Tommy Inglis, University of Nevada- Reno

Northeast Region Second Year Member
Vanessa Cerny, Rutgers University

North Central Region Second Year Member
Beth Bray, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Southern Region Second Year Member
Antoine Jefferson, Louisiana State University

Western Region Second Year Member
Amber Mathisen, University of Wyoming

2008 National Conference Coordinator
April Mendenhall, Colorado State University

Business Manager
Jasmine Honore, Louisiana State University

Amy Schwertner, Texas Tech University

Advocacy Team Liaison

Web Team Liaison

Ag Consortium Representative-Elect

Advisor from the Western Region
Dale Leidheiser, Colorado State University

Liaison from National 4-H Headquarters
Byron Garrett, National 4-H Headquarters, CSREES, USDA