National Collegiate 4-H

Monday, February 19, 2007

National Collegiate 4-H Conference Results

During the 2007 National Collegiate 4-H Conference, held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Ohio State University Collegiate 4-H was named the National Club of the Year, Indiana University Collegiate 4-H was named the New Collegiate 4-H Club of the year, South Dakota State won the Hope Daughtery award, and Oklahoma State Collegiate 4-H received the Scrapbook of the Year Award. During the National Business meeting, the national body approved a new set of bylaws to go with the organization’s constitution. The updated constitution and new bylaws will be posted on the National Documents page within the next two weeks along with articles about our award winners.

The new National Action Board for 2007-2008 was announced and contact information throughout the website has been appropriately updated. To view your new NAB, please visit the National Action Board webpage under the National Leadership category.

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