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Monday, November 13, 2006

North Central Region holds successful conference

The 2006 North Central Region Collegiate 4-H Conference was a huge success. It was held October 20-22 in Rapid City, SD hosted by South Dakota State University. With seventy-seven 4-Hers present they were able to clean up the state 4-H camp, Camp Bob Marshall. They also visited numerous attractions such as Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Journey Museum, Big Thunder Gold Mine, and Rushmore Cave.

Each delegate went on two tours, participated in a workshop on the tours, and performed community service clean-up at Camp Bob Marshall. Other events throughout the weekend included square dancing lessons, a business meeting, a semi-formal banquet, speakers, and a dance to finish off the weekend.

During the business meeting, new officers were elected and later inducted during the banquet. New officers include Kristie Storms, President; Tim Hornsby, Business Manager; Amy Frerichs, Secretary; and Beth Bray, Electronic Communications Chair. Next year’s North Central Region Collegiate 4-H Conference will be held in West Lafayette, IN hosted by Purdue Univeristy. The conference coordinator is Dustin Potts. For more information visit

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