National Collegiate 4-H

Operation Military Kids

Operation: Military Kids (OMK) is a national initiative involving 34 states with high levels of National Guard and Reserve deployment. Programs are being designed for these "suddenly military" youth to help them find positive ways to cope with the stress of their parents’ deployment.

The National Collegiate 4-H organization selected Operation: Military Kids as one of its 2006-2008 National Service Projects of Emphasis. Each club is asked to develop two OMK projects a year. Read more about the NSPE: OMK.

OMK is different in every state so what works for one state, may not work for another. Talk with your State 4-H Liaison and/or your state youth coordinator for the National Guard to find out what you can do to participate in OMK events.

Ideas for different projects you may be able to participate in include:

  • Assembling Hero Packs
  • Organizing and/or volunteering at family events
  • Volunteering at conferences
  • Setting up displays and presenting workshops on OMK
  • Helping organize camps for military children
  • Serving as counselors for camps for military children
  • Fundraising for OMK projects
  • Serve on planning committees for projects

   Every state has different options for how your club can become involved in the Operation: Military Kids program. Work with the state coordinators to find out what the best options are for you. If you have ideas for projects, present them to the coordinators and try to make them possible. If you have a great OMK project, do not forget to share it with the rest of the collegiate 4-H community by submitting it to the Ideas In Motion project.