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Previous National Service Projects

There has been a National Service Project chosen each year since 1975. Several projects lasted for more than one year. In recent years, service projects planned by the conference planning committee were conducted at the National Collegiate 4-H Conference. In 2003, the National Service Project of Emphasis was added to the constitution that created a focus for service projects in clubs throughout the nation for the next 3 years.

Year Conference Location Service Project
2006 Columbus, Ohio

NSPE for 06-07: Resource Library for the 4-H Community & OMK
Conference Service: Operation Military Kids, the Memory Project, and relocating OSU Extension’s University District 4-H Office.

2005 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Conference Service: Reading Partners. They attended training workshops and learned not only how to effectively read with children, but also how to help children develop a love for reading. Collegiate 4-H’ers were encouraged to take what they had learned at the conference back home to their local schools and communities so others could benefit. At the conference, about 200 participants put the techniques they learned into practice when they read one-on-one with first- and second-graders in Duquesne city schools.


Portland, Oregon Conference Service:  Planted over 500 trees as part of a natural managment practice to shade out invasive species of weeds and grasses in a nature area.
2003 Fort Worth, Texas

NSPE for 03-05: Reaching Out and Cleaning Up: Focused Collegiate 4-H’s efforts on working with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and organizing community-wide restoration and beautification projects
Conference Service: Members helped with jobs such as rebuilding fences, painting or fixing brickwork.

2002 St. Louis, Missouri Conference Service:  Joined with local 4-H youth to learn about science hands-on at the St. Louis Science Center. 
2001 Chevy Chase, Maryland (DC area) Conference Service:  Clubs brought books to donate to local shelters for youth.
2000 Denver, Colorado Conference Service:  Helped with city-wide beautification projects such as planting and watering trees in local parks and doing garden maintenance at a local nature preserve.
1999 Savannah, Georgia  
1998 West Lafayette, Indiana  
1997 Hershey, Pennsylvania  
1996 Montana  
1995 College Station, Texas  
1994 Columbus, Ohio  
1993 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
1992 Tuscson, Arizona  
1991 Athens, Georgia  
1990 Missouri Project TRY (Teens Reaching Youth): leadership development of the 12 and 13 year old youth
1989 Washington, DC Project TRY (Teens Reaching Youth)
1988 Brookings, South Dakota The National Collegiate 4-H Organization recommitted its service to 4-H and Prevention of Child Abuse
1987 Columbus, Ohio  
1986 Madison, Wisconsin  
1985 Athens, Georgia Blood Promotion
1984 West Lafayette, Indiana International Year of Youth
1983 West Virginia University Blood Promotion
1982 Brookings, South Dakota IFYE- International Program
1981 North Carolina State University Junior Leadership Program
1980 Iowa State University LEAP and International Programs
1979 Colorado State University LEAP and International Programs
1978 Ohio State University Host Club Program and Generation Alliance Program (GAP)
1977 Pennsylvania State University Generation Alliance Program (GAP)
1976 Columbia, Missouri Generation Alliance Program (GAP) and “4-H on the Bicentennial Trail”
1975 Kansas State University Collection of favorite songs bound in a booklet

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