National Collegiate 4-H

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Voting Act of 2006

By: Ephgrave (OSU), Craig (AU)


An Act relating to the voting language of the constitution; providing short title; providing original language; providing amendment; and providing for an effective date.


Section 1. This act shall be known as the ?Voting Act of 2006?

Section 2. The original language of Article II Section B of the National Collegiate 4-H Constitution reads as follows:

B. Voting

1. Each club shall be allowed two (2) votes at all meetings. With express written permission of the club, one (1) delegate may cast two (2) votes.

2. Voting delegates will be entered into the minutes during the roll call of clubs.

3. Clubs not having a voting delegation in attendance at a meeting may vote by proxy, which shall be accepted without prejudice, but shall be applicable only to questions presented in the last pre-conference newsletter.

4. Alumni members do not have voting privileges, but are represented through the votes of their alma mater.

5. Members-at-large who have paid their dues shall have one (1) vote per ten (10) members or fraction thereof. Members-at-large shall meet prior to the business meeting to choose voting delegate(s).

Section 3. AMENDMENT Strike the phrase ?Each club shall be allowed two (2) votes at all meetings? from Section B.1., to be replaced with the phrase ?Each club shall be allowed two (2) votes at all meetings unless the club voting powers are altered by Article II, Section B paragraph 1A.?

Section 4. NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the National Collegiate 4-H Constitution as Article II, Section B, Item 1A unless there is created a duplication in numbering reads as follows:

If a Collegiate 4-H Organization has the ability to have members from more that one post-secondary educational facility then the Collegiate 4-H Organization voting right shall be governed here as:

i. A count of active members on roll within the Collegiate 4-H Organization must be taken. Then active members belonging to other Collegiate 4-H Organization must be stricken from the count.

ii. A Collegiate 4-H Organization will then receive one (1) vote for every 10 active members or fraction thereof

iii. A Collegiate 4-H Organization falling under the power of Article II Section C paragraph 1A shall be able to receive at the maximum two (2) votes.

Section 5. This act shall become effective immediately upon passage and approval.