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Monday, July 02, 2007

National Collegiate 4-H Newsletter- July 2007


Note from the Chair

Get Involved: Opportunities Available for YOU!
National News
Committee Updates
Regional Updates
Other News

Note from the Chair

Dear Collegiate 4-H Members and Affiliates,

Hello, I hope this comes to everyone after another successful school year. To everyone that has graduated I would like to extend my congratulations. I’m really looking forward to this 4-H year as we have some really great people from all over the country who have come together to make it a success. is looking better then it ever has before, and I encourage everyone to take some time to look at it. There are new materials for the promotion of Collegiate 4-H, National Conference Updates, message boards, and a whole wealth of information available for you to use. This year on the National Action Board, our main focus will be accomplishing the goals laid out by the Strategic Plan. We are looking to bring some new and exciting things to the national membership by the 2008 National Conference Including a club database so new members can search for your club via, new promotional materials, workshops, and ideas to help support 4-H and the individual from the local to national levels. We have had several great opportunities offered to Collegiate 4-H members this past year to serve as liaisons, facilitators, and role models to our younger constituents, and more are on the way. This year I want to encourage everyone to get out there and really “Make a Difference.” Volunteering at a local event, or smiling and befriending that kid who needs a little reassurance can achieve this. We really do have a great organization available to us, because we have the best people. I have always thought of 4-H as a group of friends that you can hold close and count on, while always looking forward to finding the friends you have yet to meet. In conclusion I would like to extend that hand to friendship to everyone out there and feel free to look me up on myspace or facebook.

Tommy Inglis
NAB Chair

Get Involved: Opportunities Available for YOU!

Advocacy Team needs Advocates!

Not only is joining the Advocacy Team a way to become involved on the national level, but also the chance to make a difference. The team is now accepting applications for those interested in joining the team. The application is available HERE. The Advocacy Team works to create promotional materials for the national organization, provide materials for clubs to use, and publish the National newsletter.
Applications should be sent to secretarymail.

Apply for the National Collegiate 4-H Web Team

Think you know web design? Do you have a passion for Photoshop or graphic art? Do you dream of databases? If you answered yes to any of these, the National Collegiate 4-H Web Team is for you!

Imagine the ability to promote Collegiate 4-H to more than 3000 people per month! Think of the difference you could make in attracting caring, compassionate individuals towards joining an existing Collegiate 4-H club or starting their own. And as a direct result, imagine the volume of 4-H members that those Collegiate 4-H members will reach!

So wiggle your fingers and prepare to start typing your application for the 2007-08 National Collegiate 4-H Web Team, so you can personally impact the visibility and image of Collegiate 4-H nationwide with the click of a mouse.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for the 07-08 term. Get an application and read more at
Applications should be sent to secretarymail

Join the National Service Project of Emphasis: Resource Library Committee

I’m writing to you today to look for interested persons to be part of a national
committee to help coordinate one of the two National Service Projects of
Emphasis: Resource Library for the 4-H Community. This project is an online resource library of program guides, workshops in a
box, teambuilding activities, and icebreakers submitted by Collegiate 4-H clubs! While many of the
resources will be focused on Collegiate 4-H clubs, most will apply to
anyone in the 4-H community. Not only will they be viewable by everyone, but they will be
sortable and searchable by audience, age range, topics, materials
needed, and preparation time.

I’m looking for persons who have interest in helping coordinate this large project at the national level and assisting clubs with their participation in this project. If you’re interested in any of the following: communicating with other Collegiate 4-H clubs, editing or formatting documents, adding photos to PowerPoints, database design, program design, or creating something lasting for the 4-H organization; then this is the committee for you. Please contact me via e-mail as to your interest at infomail.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with your clubs in the future on this exciting project! ~Jessica Falkenthal, Project Chair

Join your Regional
E-mail List

Subscribe to the National Collegiate 4-H Listserv

Browse Archives at

Each region has their own listserv to communicate and share ideas among Collegiate 4-H clubs near you and communicate about upcoming events in your region including the regional conference. You may subscribe to yours by sending a blank e-mail to:

North Central

Northeast Region



All of the listservs allow you to change your settings, so you may receive daily digests of messages or only special notices, if you are concerned about the amount of e-mails you receive. The Web Team promises to limit the number of e-mails sent over the national listserv to only national announcements and save members’ discussion for the message boards

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National News

National Collegiate 4-H Conference Ski Survey!

Want to go skiing during this year’s National Conference? Help us set up the information!

The National Collegiate 4-H Conference planning committee is in the process of creating ski packages for the 2008 National Collegiate 4-H Conference, and we need your help!! Please answer the following questions in our survey in order for our team to make this year’s conference as fun as possible.

Promoting and
Improving your Club this Fall!

Looking for ways to promote your club in the new schoolyear? Check out’s upcoming Club Development section later this week to find tons of promotional ideas for your club!

New Club Registration Process to be Introduced this Fall!

NAB and its committees has been working hard to put together a new online club registration process for clubs to utilize at this year’s National Collegiate 4-H Conference. The form will be available for clubs to fill out their registration information (previously completed by utilizing the club establishment guidelines form) at the National Collegiate 4-H Conference as well as online around September 1st of this year. The form will also feature a calculator function to tell clubs exactly how much they owe in club dues. We are also working to make the form updateable, meaning any information that is a permanent feature of your club (advisor, email address, mailing address, etc.) will automatically appear when your club completes the form next year! We hope this feature will save your clubs a lot of time filling out the same information over and over again, plus once you hit send your information is already available to the national secretary and all you will need to bring to Nationals is your club dues!

NAB hopes that your clubs are as excited about this new improvement to our website as we are. If you have any comments about this new feature, please leave us some feedback on the message boards at

This registration process is brought to you by the Communication and Member Education Committee of NAB and is one of the goals of the National Collegiate 4-H Strategic Plan.

National Service Projects of Emphasis

The National Service Projects of Emphasis for 2007-08 are Resource Library for the 4-H Community and Operation Military Kids.Please visit to learn how your club can become involved in these projects.

Congratulations to our national award winners!

The following national awards were given at the 2007 National Conference in Baton Rouge. Congratulations to the winners and all applicants.

Club of the Year: The Ohio State University

New Club of the Year: Indiana University

Scrapbook of the Year: Oklahoma State University

Hope Daughtery Award: South Dakota State University

To view previous national award winners please visit the National Collegiate 4-H Hall of Fame online.

National Action Board 2007-2008

Below is a list of the 2007-2008 National Action Board. Please feel free to contact any of the NAB members with questions or concerns through the Collegiate 4-H Contact page. Also, to learn more about the various members look at their bios!

North Central Region President
Kristie Storms, South Dakota State University

Northeast Region President
Megan Baker, University of Maryland

Southern Region President
Sarah Edens, Oklahoma State University

Western Region Representative, NAB Chair
Tommy Inglis, University of Nevada- Reno

Northeast Region Second Year Member
Vanessa Cerny, Rutgers University

North Central Region Second Year Member
Beth Bray, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Southern Region Second Year Member
Antoine Jefferson, Louisiana State University

Western Region Second Year Member
Amber Mathisen, University of Wyoming

2008 National Conference Coordinator
April Mendenhall, Colorado State University

Business Manager
Jasmine Honore, Louisiana State University

Amy Schwertner, Texas Tech University

Advocacy Team Liaison
Christy Clary, The Ohio State University

Web Team Liaison
Jessica Falkenthal, Indiana University

Ag Consortium Representative-Elect
TBA Mid-July.

Liaison from National 4-H Headquarters
Byron Garrett, National 4-H Headquarters, CSREES, USDA

National Advisor
Dale Leidheiser, Colorado State University

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Committee Updates

Need Advice on Starting a New Collegiate 4-H Club
and Making Clubs Great from YOU!

The Advocacy and Web Team are teaming up this summer to create a new section of the website and materials providing advice and ideas on starting a new Collegiate 4-H club and provide Collegiate 4-H project ideas. If you would like to help provide advice and help to new clubs or assist in editing, please let us know at infomail

Web Team -Collegiate 4-H Message Board Gets Action

By: Jessica Falkenthal, Indiana University, Web Team Chair

Check out the message boards for service and social ideas for your club, conference updates, and opportunities to give feedback and voice your concerns and ideas. Plus find grant, internship, scholarship, and 4-H opportunities! College Life 101 has been created to share advice about how to “survive on a college campus” with 4-H members as they transition to college along with fellow Collegiate 4-H members. Ask questions of your own, answer others, and help to build this as a resource for all of us to share!
And stay tuned for new additions to our website later this summer!

Advocacy Team What has the Advocacy Team done for You?

By: Christy Clary, The Ohio State University, Advocacy Team Liaison

The Advocacy Team since created has been hard at work creating all kinds of materials for Collegiate 4-H clubs to use in their various activities. Some of the materials already created include: brochures, PowerPoint templates and graphics. To see what all is available visit the Resources page of the national website.

Another resource available to clubs is the National Collegiate 4-H Banner. Clubs can check out the banner to use in displays. Be on the lookout for more information and a new procedure to check out the banner!

The Advocacy Team is constantly working to create more materials for the organization. If you have an additional resource you would like created, please visit the Advocacy Team website to fill out a work order.

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Regional Updates


By: April Mendenhall, Western Region President, Colorado State University

The Western Region has been hosting monthly meetings since January and getting members of the region more acquainted before our regional conference in Reno, Nevada. We have been working hard to gain new clubs in the area and are happy to welcome some new clubs in the fall, one at the University of Arizona, and one at the University of Denver in Colorado.

The region is also gearing up for our regional conference in Reno, Nevada in October. The region would like to welcome anyone from any of the regions who would like to attend. There will be lots of fun activities available. Please check out the Western Region website for more information. The region is also in the process of putting together a regional fundraiser. We are looking into having calendars printed with all of the important Collegiate 4-H information that we all miss out on! The calendar will feature pictures from clubs throughout the Western Region.


By: Megan Baker, Northeast Region President, University of Maryland

This year’s Northeast Region Collegiate 4-H Conference is going to be hosted by University of Maryland in College Park, MD. The meeting dates are September 27-29, 2007 in College Park, MD. The club has come up with an agenda full of fun workshops, community service and tours for conference attendees to participate in. To receive a registration packet please contact Megan Baker, at Also check out our new regional website at

North Central
and Southern Regions

None provided

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Other News: Collegiate 4-H Surveys

Please consider helping out Ohio 4-H educators by completing one or both of these surveys. Their research will be able to help Collegiate 4-H clubs in coming months as we will be able to utilize their results. For more information, please contact,
Brian Raison, Ohio 4-H Educator

College Students Online Activities

The Ohio State University Extension is conducting a research project at Ohio State and would love to hear from collegiate 4-H club members.
The survey is being conducted to better understand of how teens approach the internet, post profiles, and participate in online activities. YOUR input would really help! Would you:

1. Take the survey and give YOUR advice.
2. Spread the word and link!

Here is the link:

Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary. Your responses will be anonymous. It should take 5 to 8 minutes to complete. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

College 101

I am working with colleagues at Ohio State University to develop a new seminar to help High School seniors make a better transition to their 1st year at college (no matter what college they will be attending). We want to add some “real world” examples of college life to help high school students be prepared when they go off to college.

Examples from your college could really help! Would you:
1. Take the survey and give YOUR advice.
2. Spread the word and link!

Here is the link:

Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary. Your responses will be anonymous. It should take 5 to 8 minutes to complete. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Updated list of NAB Members

There have a few changes recently in representation on NAB. Here is the updated list.

North Central Region President
Kristin Barnhart, The Ohio State University

Northeast Region President
Vanessa Cerny, Rutgers University

Southern Region President, NAB Chair
Antoine Jefferson, Louisiana State University

Western Region Representative
Amber Mathisen, University of Wyoming

North Central Region Second Year member
Val Krumm, Iowa State University

Northeast Region Second Year member

Southern Region Second Year member
Patrick Voorhies, Louisiana State University

Western Region Second Year member
Shane Sheridan, Colorado State University

Conference Planning Committee Representative
Jasmin Honore, Louisiana State University

Business Manager
Sarah Leidheiser, Ohio State University

Amy Schwertner, Texas Tech University

National 4-H Headquarters Liaison
Byron Garrett, National 4-H Headquarters, CSREES, USDA

Advisor from the Southern Region
Evelyn Rachell

Advisor from National 4-H Council

Advocacy Team Liaison
April Mendenhall, Colorado State University

Web Team Liaison
Jessica Falkenthal, Indiana University

Strategic Planning Committee Liaison
Val Krumm, Iowa State University

*The Northeast Region Second Year member has yet to be appointed by the Northeast Region. Please contact Vanessa Cerny about this position.
*The Advisor from the Southern Region position will be appointed by the Southern Region Officers. Contact: Antoine Jefferson
*The Advisor from National 4-H Council has yet to be appointed by NAB. Contact Antoine Jefferson for more information.

You may contact any NAB member or committee by visiting the Contact Collegiate 4-H webpage.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Regional Websites!

The North Central and Western Regions have moved to!

Welcome aboard!

North Central-

Western Region-

Check them out and give their webmasters a virtual pat on the back.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Western Region holds successful conference!

The 2006 Western Regional Conference, held in UC Davis, CA was a success for all those involved. Members from UC Davis, CSU, Wyoming, and UNR attended the conference and were able to make great strides in the organization at the Regional level. The clubs visited San Francisco, and some even went Alcatraz Island. All of the club members had a good time making new friends during their home stays.

The conference also provided workshops on true colors, youth adult partnerships, and Operation Military Kids. Our members were able to put hero packs together and bring them back to their respective states to be distributed.

At our regional business meeting, we selected new officers and worked on the strategic plan and come up with ideas for bylaws to the national constitution. We also decided on the location for next year’s regional conference. It will be hosted by UNR at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. UNR has been working hard on this conference and it promises to be a blast for all involved.

The western region would like to send out a special thank you to the UC Davis Collegiate 4-H club for hosting a fantastic conference and for working so hard to make things run smoothly. Thanks!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Regional Conference Dates

North Central Region: Rapid City, North Dakota—October 20-22—South Dakota State with Dickinson State
Southern Region: Ferndale, Arkansas— November 16-19— University of Arkansas
North Eastern Region: Branchville, New Jersey—September 14-17—Rutgers University
Western Region: Davis, California—November 2-5—UC Davis

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