National Collegiate 4-H

Collegiate 4-H Promotional Resources

The following resources have been created and compiled by the Collegiate 4-H Advocacy Team, to be used for Collegiate 4-H promotion:

National 4-H Week Media Kit
The National 4-H Week Media kit provides clubs with resources to promote Collegiate 4-H during the Week of October 1st-7th.   We encourage clubs to participate in the week, and use the media kit materials to help showcase their respective clubs. 

Collegiate 4-H Brochure (Publisher file- 23 MB or Zip file– 13MB or PDF– 143 KB)
The Collegiate 4-H Brochure template is designed to give clubs a format in which to add their own information to a publishable file so that they may showcase their club as well as the national organization. 

PowerPoint Slides

 These layouts are provided to give clubs a template to use for their own presentations or to inspire new ideas. 

Regional Graphics

These graphics are provided for use by the Collegiate 4-H regions if they so choose. 

Northeast Region JPG TIF
North Central Region JPG TIF
Southern Region JPG TIF
Western Region JPG TIF

Promotional PowerPoint

National Collegiate 4-H Organization PowerPoint -This powerpoint is provided to enable clubs to promote the Collegiate 4-H organization at club events.   It is completely editable for clubs to customize as they see fit. 

National Collegiate 4-H Booth Materials

These materials are for a National Collegiate 4-H Organization display.


If you have an additional resource you would like created, please visit the Advocacy Team website to fill out a work order.

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