National Collegiate 4-H
National 4-H Week

National 4-H Week
Project and Activity Ideas

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Here is a list of activities and ideas to consider during National 4-H Week and 4-H Goes to College.

Promotional Projects

  • Host an Ice cream social for club members and advertise for new members
    to attend
  • Complete a promotional project in conjunction with a local 4-H club.
  • Contact your University president about flying the 4-H flag during
    National 4-H Week
  • Bake cookies for state office faculty as a way to thank them for their
  • Bake cookies for various colleges on campus- example: College of
    Agriculture, to thank these colleges for their help as well as to promote the
  • Host a pizza party for club members and advertise for new members to attend.
  • Have a professor speak at a club meeting about the importance of community service.
  • Plan a community service project for your club
  • Participate in National Service Day
  • Recognizing club members. Honor Collegiate 4-H Members by having a club party. Invite community leaders, club leaders, or volunteers that have aided the club in their projects.
  • Please submit your own ideas to the Collegiate 4-H Advocacy Team on the Collegiate 4-H Message Boards.

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