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What is National 4-H Week & 4-H Goes to College?

  • National 4-H Week and 4-H Goes to College are events designed to promote and celebrate 4-H throughout the country. It is a way to promote your Collegiate 4-H Club on campus and spread the word about 4-H to those who may not be aware of the program. It is also a way for 4-H members and Collegiate 4-H members to showcase their accomplishments and the achievements of their respective clubs. National 4-H Week provides a unique opportunity for Collegiate 4-H Clubs and 4-H Clubs to connect and work together to promote the 4-H program as well as serve the community in which they live by providing community service. Finally, National 4-H Week and 4-H Goes to College are ways in which these clubs can show their appreciation of their state offices as well as the faculty and volunteers that have contributed to the success of these clubs.

Who participates in National 4-H Week- 4-H Goes to College?

  • Collegiate 4-H clubs from across the country participate in this yearly event. These clubs find National 4-H Week to be a great way to promote their club around campus as well as the Collegiate 4-H organization as a whole.

What is included in this Media Kit?

  • Included in this media kit are:
    • PSA and Press releases
    • Web Banners for club websites
    • Service Project ideas
    • What is 4-H Goes to College Materials including FAQ sheets and presentations for clubs
    • Project Ideas
    • Flyers for Club use
    • Promotional Booth materials
    • National Collegiate 4-H Service Day information

Where do clubs promote 4-H Goes to College?

  • 4-H Goes to College is held during National 4-H Week, which is sponsored by National 4-H Headquarters and National 4-H Council.
  • Many Collegiate 4-H Clubs choose to participate in the week by coordinating joint projects with local 4-H clubs in their area.
  • Many Collegiate 4-H clubs also promote across their campus and their local communities.
  • Most clubs see 4-H Goes to College as a great opportunity to promote their club to students on campus who may not otherwise hear about their organization as well as to promote their service activities to faculty on campus, including the University president.
  • National 4-H Week is a great way to show appreciation to Collegiate 4-H club sponsors and the staff at the State 4-H or extension office at your University!

How do Collegiate 4-H Clubs Promote 4-H Goes to College?

  • There are many opportunities available to promote National 4-H Week at your College or University. Included in this media kit are ideas and projects that previous Collegiate 4-H clubs have utilized while promoting 4-H Goes to College at their University or College. Please feel free to include these ideas into your own program.

How does my Collegiate 4-H Club participate in Collegiate 4-H National Service Day?

  • Collegiate 4-H on a national level as made it their goal to have every Collegiate  4-H club across the nation participate in a National Service Day.   They plan for this day to fall on the Saturday of National 4-H Week.  While National Service Day is not the only day in which your club may participate in a service project in your community, we hope that your Collegiate 4-H Club will participate in this event and help the National Collegiate 4-H Organization to create a tradition in service.  

What is the National Service Day Project this Year?

  • The National Service Day project will change from year to year following any changes or additions to the National Service Project of Emphasis.   This year’s National Service Day project is to participate or sponsor an Operation Military Kids project.

OMK Information

  • Collegiate 4-H clubs from across the nation will utilize the 4-H Operation: Military Kids program to help spread the word about the issues and struggles that military kids face when their parent(s) are deployed.  With the National 4-H program putting a strong emphasis on this program due to the last few years of high deployment rates, Collegiate 4-H finds it very appropriate to aid in the effort as well. 
  • Each club is asked to coordinate two annual Operation Military Kids (OMK) events.  Ideally each club will do one project a semester for those schools that have semester scheduling.  Ideas for events include an evening for military kids, which would give parents the “night off”, coordinate events with local Family Readiness groups, or give presentations to other campus clubs about how they can get involved with OMK.  The Iowa State University (ISU) Collegiate 4-H Club plans on making a presentation template in the Fall of 2006 for other clubs to modify and use in their areas. 
  • Each club is recommended to get in contact with OMK, as OMK has many materials and ideas that will help them with events.  Everyone is encouraged to coordinate their efforts with their state 4-H office, many of whom already have projects in place for OMK.  Each state, at the minimum, has a 4-H Military Liaison which should be willing to help the group. 
  • The ISU Collegiate 4-H Club will ask each club to complete an event report which will be provided in the Fall of 2006, along with a couple photos of their event twice a year.  ISU is responsible for keeping track of these reports for clubs after their events and will compile an overall report for each semester, which will then be provided to NAB and USDA.

How can my Collegiate 4-H Club participate in 4-H Goes to College on a National level?

  • Currently,  the only project available to clubs on a national level is the National Service Projects of Emphasis. As the 4-H Goes to College program progresses, and more ideas become available, we plan to expand this area of interest and offer more projects to clubs on a national scale.

Why should my Collegiate 4-H club Participate in National 4-H Week?

  • National 4-H Week offers unique opportunities for clubs to gain new membership on campus, including a weeks worth of exposure on campus!
  • Participation in National 4-H Week will make students on your campus more aware of your organization, as well as drawing attention from the faculty members and the staff of your State extension or 4-H office.  
  • Participating in National 4-H Week will show your local community that your club is committed to furthering the 4-H program as well as strengthening your local community.

How do I find more information about National 4-H Week? Where can I find a copy of the National 4-H Week Media Kit?

  • The National 4-H Week media kits are available online at:

What if I don’t have a Collegiate 4-H Club at my University or College?   How can I participate in National 4-H Week as an individual?

  • Many of the ideas available in this media kit can be completed on an individual scale. Participating in National 4-H Week can be a great opportunity to gain new members to an existing Collegiate 4-H Club as well as draw interest from students who may be willing to help you in the creation of a Collegiate 4-H Club on your campus.
  • Participating in National 4-H Week may also draw interest from faculty on your campus to help you develop a new Collegiate 4-H Club as well as strengthen an existing club.

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