National Collegiate 4-H

National Action Board

According to the National Collegiate 4-H Constitution (2007 Revision) the National Action Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Serve as a liaison between regions. To communicate information and ideas between regions. To maintain an up-to-date permanent address file of all active member clubs.
  • Responsible for the administrative duties at the annual National Collegiate 4-H Conference.
  • Promote club and membership development within the four regions.
  • Maintain and distribute monies held in the National Collegiate 4-H account.
  • Maintain continuity among regions by development of, and training for, a national service project.

NAB members are divided into 5 internal committees including: Internal Affairs, Communication and Membership Education, Community Service, Partnerships, and Diversity.  These committees are each responsible for implementation of an area of the National Collegiate 4-H Strategic Plan.  The NAB meets monthly via teleconference to provide reports, updates and discuss matters of the organization.

Visit the NAB blog to see the happenings of NAB meetings. To contact a NAB member, please visit the Collegiate 4-H Contact page.

Members of the National Action Board 09-10

North Central Region Representative
Aaron Birge, Purdue University

Northeast Region President

Southern Region President
Melanie Skaggs, Oklahoma State University

Western Region Representative

Northeast Region Second Year Member

North Central Region Second Year Member
Charlotte Jackson, University of Missouri

Southern Region Second Year Member, NAB Chair
Casey East, Troy University

Western Region Second Year Member
Autumn Sheridan, Colorado State University

2010 National Conference Coordinator
Ben Brown, University of Maryland

Business Manager
Kelli Jo Woodson, University of Missouri

Heather Williams, University of Georgia

Advocacy Team Liaison

Web Team Liaison

Ag Consortium Representative
Crystal Schauer, Iowa State

Ag Consortium Representative-Elect
Brandon Wilson, Iowa State University

Liaison from National 4-H Headquarters
Eddy Mentzer, National 4-H Headquarters, CSREES, USDA

Advisor from the Northeast Region

Former Members of the National Action Board

To view lists of previous members of NAB, please visit the Past NAB member pages.

NAB Retreat

On July 13-17 2006, the voting members of the National Action Board met in Washington DC to create the National Collegiate 4-H Strategic Plan.

To contact a NAB member, please visit the Collegiate 4-H Contact page.