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Helping Our Heroes: Operation Military Kids Service Project

Collegiate 4-H clubs from across the nation will utilize the 4-H Operation: Military Kids program to help spread the word about the issues and struggles that military kids face when their parent(s) are deployed.  With the National 4-H program putting a strong emphasis on this program due to the last few years of high deployment rates, Collegiate 4-H finds it very appropriate to aid in the effort as well. 

Each club is asked to coordinate two annual Operation Military Kids (OMK) events.  Ideally each club will do one project a semester for those schools that have semester scheduling.  Ideas for events include an evening for military kids, which would give parents the “night off”, coordinate events with local Family Readiness groups, or give presentations to other campus clubs about how they can get involved with OMK.  The Iowa State University (ISU) Collegiate 4-H Club plans on making a presentation template in the Fall of 2006 for other clubs to modify and use in their areas. 

Each club is recommended to get in contact with OMK, as OMK has many materials and ideas that will help them with events.  Everyone is encouraged to coordinate their efforts with their state 4-H office, many of whom already have projects in place for OMK.  Each state, at the minimum, has a 4-H Military Liaison which should be willing to help the group. 

The ISU Collegiate 4-H Club will ask each club to complete an event report which will be provided in the Fall of 2006, along with a couple photos of their event twice a year.  ISU is responsible for keeping track of these reports for clubs after their events and will compile an overall report for each semester, which will then be provided to NAB and USDA.

Helping our Heroes PowerPoint

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