National Collegiate 4-H

National Collegiate 4-H Conference Ski/Snowboard Trip Survey

The National Collegiate 4-H Conference planning committee is in the process of creating ski packages for the 2008 National Collegiate 4-H Conference, and we need your help!!   Please answer the following questions in our survey in order for our team to make this year’s conference as fun as possible.

FYI: The conference begins Thursday, February 21st in the afternoon and ends following breakfast on Sunday, February 24th. Ski trips may be offered before and/or after the conference depending on interest.

1)    Do you plan to attend one of our ski/snowboard trips of they are offered?

I would attend both days

2)     What day would you more likely attend a ski/snowboard trip?

Wednesday, February 20th
Sunday, February 24th
I will attend BOTH days
I won’t ski but I want to go to the mountains/resort on Wednesday.
I won’t ski but I want to go to the mountains/resort on Sunday.
I won’t ski but I want to go to the mountains/resort on BOTH Days.

3)     Check the options you would like:

Lift Ticket Only
Equipment Rental
Transportation Only

4)     What is the highest price range you would be willing to spend to attend one of these ski/snowboard trips? (packages would include all options and round-trip transportation)?

$200 or less
$150 or less
$100 or less

5)     What resort would you like to visit?

I’ll have fun anywhere
Value is most important

6)     Any further suggestions or comments?

Thank you very much.   Don’t forget to mark your calendars!      
Rendezvous in the Rockies, Going Green in 2008
Feb. 20-24, 2008              Denver, Colorado